What's the point if ranked

If every game I win I get 0 points in 2v2 gnashes including the wins where the other team is favored. Do they expect me to steamroll ever match 7-0 which will give the game no choice but to give me +points? Or will even doing that somehow find a way to grab me by the rear and go to town.


2v2 is weird when you get higher up. I was stagnant at like 200 points away from Masters for a long time, usually getting MVP every match. Then I had a super underperforming game one time, went like 10-5 in a 7-2 win and wasn’t MVP but for some reason that was the match that gave me +280 points and got me into Masters.

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I that’s the problem though I’m not even highly ranked. I’m only onyx 1 and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve mvp’d 5 matches in a row and won them all with 0 points. There were a couple that we were favored by a lot 3-4K but the other 3 the skill difference was either in double digits or other team had a 1-2k advantage. It’s annoying playing when the only outcomes are to gain nothing or lose a ■■■■ ton of points. Also this is only happening as frequent for me in 2v2s . Other modes I get it every now and then but gnashers seems like it’s almost every game.

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Pretty much 7-2 … anything over is a gamble