What's the most powerful weapon on enemies hand?

It’s the other way round with flyers. Sentinels have Salvos while Guardians have the Tri-Shot.

I don’t find them to be that big of a nuisance now. Kestrels on the other hand…(has anyone ever had a double Kestrel spawn anywhere? I’ve only seen it on District playing Frenzy, which I haven’t in a while because of boring arcade setups)

A Mic


dude boomshot scions fire those things like a pump action, they’re way too fast

Claws for sure, a real pain when you have several elite drones firing from different directions.

Mulcher Scion has entered the chat


Imagos lack of decency. The naked form frightens me.

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Bunch of damn perverts!

That damn claw gun. I like how the elite’s will be on the run, hip firing, with every bullet seemingly hitting you in the face.

Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug - chug.

I second the Juvies - esp the poppers in escape.

If you are playing horde on master difficulty then all weapons, that’s after wave 30.

Would be mulchers if not for Clayton. Now, probably salvos on sentinels.

Its a individual error, leaving lockers fully exposed to scion boomshots.

Its even worse when you know Swarmak is a boss wave. The engineer or whoever builded the sentrys should immediately hide all the mg sentrys before the Swarmak shows up, instead what do you see from typical random engineer? All the mg sentrys are glued together which means it’s going cost a fortune for engineer to rebuild and take time to repair once it’s destroyed by Swarmak.

Not always. The Splash damage is pretty big.

Secondly, the space you have to build a base is sometimes limited. Vasgar for example, if you build on the raised Longshot spawn area next to the Versus spawn, is a very small space. Some players want their locker relatively close to them because in the middle of a fight they want to reduce the time spent running to and from.

Forgot about them but just encountered it. The Shocks thrown at you in Escape. Can completely immobilize you.