What's the most powerful weapon on enemies hand?

Claw , salvo that’s my top two.

And salvo is the most easily got you killed with the following missiles after you are dbno.
Also could dbno a running cole, amazing.
Many enemy type could have salvos and cover isnt very good at block them.

Whats your most feared weapon ?

Claw, accuracy and continue shooting once they lock on you, very powerful on escape and escape.
When they keep firing on your location you just cant change covers and other enemies easily flank you.

Boomshots can be pretty annoying. The splash damage is pretty big, and it does alot of damage to the base as well. I’ve seen so many weapon lockers and sentries get destroyed due to the splash damage.

boomshot and dropshot both doing one shot damage.

But its firing rate is low, it wont able to wipe your team out as salvo.
So they are very danager, but not my most . XDD

(next patch, give scion “keegan”'s auto boomshot ability)

Claws and snipers for me. On higher difficulties both this weapons can blindside you when you are busy with another enemy though I find the sniper more annoying than powerful so.

I think the issue is that most players recognise Salvo users to be a bigger threat. DR1 Devastators aren’t so bad but Sentinels are a very big threat, and players will prioritise it. Boomers tend to appear more often and I find people tend to under estimate them to an extent because they fire slower.

Also on a side note, I find players often under-estimate DeeBees too. They’re low-tier enemies, but come in large numbers, and so many people forget that on harder difficulties they don’t stagger on the 2nd knife slash - they only stagger on the kick, but I’ve seen so many players go close range to do the slash-slash-kick-execute combo, but get downed in a single punch!

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Mulchers. They will WRECK you even faster than Claws can at close range.

I see Boomshots but I find them to be much less of a threat in Gears 5 than they were in Gears 4. Probably because their AI behavior no longer seems to be to lob hail mary shots across the entire map into your base.

… well, unless they are shielded by a Bastion. But even then I’d put risk of wipe to a Bastioned Mulcher Scion higher.


but if there is boomshot, there wont be salvos.

So you always only focus on one most danager aoe weapon at a time.

Also the DB? I dont think u can face any of those when ur team have Marcus and Fahz

And its no match to those stupid claws. XDD

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I think the most dangerous weapon are the enemies not using weapons. Leeches+Juvies. When your downed they waste no time dealing the killing blow.


In Escape: Salvos, Poppers (Frag type), sometimes Dropshot since when they bounce off they can insta-kill you, any freezing weapons

In Horde: Hammerburst (by wave 31), Salvo, Boomshot, Trishot (by wave 31)

Not really scared of anything else, not even Claws. They’re predictable.

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Cryo Cannon for sure. Takes an Ice Scion 0000.1 seconds to freeze me but takes 8 years for me to freeze a leech it seems lol. I try my hardest not to pick up that weapon unless there’s Sentinels/Guardians.


some escape map have buggy ai.

Like ice queen snipers.
Which is only because it is bug, not danger itself without the bug shot

Boomshots. I can’t tell you how I’ve gotten an Aaron Rodgers bomb from across the map planted perfectly on me, Been team wiped by them. AOE damage is insane too no matter if you’re trying to dodge them behind cover.

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Buggy? You mean because you can’t see the laser because they’re far away?

they are instant shot on contact(even on flank), unlike other snipers they aim 1 sec for you to reaction.

And they one shot most character with that instant shot

That’s a bug with Snipers in general where they fire the instant they aim and give you no time to counter fire except for while they’re reloading.

Ok, keep The nonsense,

Elite sniper actually should have active xray on spawn:p

I didn’t say they should keep it. Just that the bug is on all Longshot Snipers and not just those on Ice Queen.

but longshot on horde have delay before the first shot.

Not all longshot is bug

Well yes, it is possible it’s specific to Escape. Not sure if I’ve seen it happen elsewhere any longer but might have encountered it in the Campaign as well, very rarely.

The Trishot seems so inconsistent in enemy hands. Most of the time it kills you in 2 or 3 seconds but there are times when a Sentinel just goes full aimbot and kills the whole team in 2 seconds. I have wiped multiple times due to a Sentinel wiping out the entire team while not even looking at the correct people (almost like the facing animation lags behind the actual aiming). I think it has to do with the entire team being low health.

Most feared would be Salvo though, especially fun in Horde Frenzy when there are 2 Sentinels and a Guardian with Salvos. It’s near impossible to survive that on some maps. You have a few seconds to kill them before they reach your base. If they do… good luck.