What's the fastest way to get 200 free for all kills?

I’m surprised nobody mentioned this(I just quickly glanced at the replies so I could be wrong), but one thing you can try is hosting a private match and playing alone with bots, pretty sure you can do that. I’m not sure the bot kills count towards the medal but you can try if your only goal is to get it asap, that would probably be the fastest way, if it works,

I sucked at first. The more you play the better you got I’ll be free. It’s not that hard

Lol after reading my post again I see why its so funny.
Basically what I meant was if it was able to be quickly finished in private matches etc. I’m currently in the military and only get to play gears maybe 2 hours or more a week so that’s why I was asking

Doesn’t work in custom against bots, that would make it too easy

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I’ve never been a fan of kill stealing as it aggravates me to high hell, but this explanation right here is right! FFA is literally a battle to the TOP, you do what it takes to get to the top because you are playing solo and not part of a team.


Lag switch

Why would I withdraw my post lol? I understand why it’s so funny after reading my post again but like i said, I was asking if it was possible to quickly knock em out in a private match because I only get to play gears a few hours in a week due to being in the military currently

Easiest way in my opinion?

Well would have to be just grouping up with friends to fill all the slots and just go have fun. You will get there before you know it.

But for me playing VS with no friends is like having my face bashed in by a juvie.

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Wait, what? I withdrew mine because it was basically a longer version of my previous post which I wrote while bored :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t withdrew yours.

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I agree with both of you. It’s prob the term “stealing.” Let’s just call it taking or simply getting the kill. I just wanted to make it clear on what I suggested to be a quick way of getting 200 kills in FFA.

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At the moment the quickest way is just playing FFA over and over again till you get it. As there is no FFA vs AI released, and most likely wont.
Only thing I can recommend is keep an eye on power weapon timers or try to find Hot Zones, as someone else mentioned, multiple players clustered around some point of interest battling it out and kill them as their focus will be on whos there already. Its really a matter of player smarter than usual.

Just bring a friend into a FFA session and boost it. Just make sure that your friend brings his tactical insertion’s!

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I think tactical insertion is used by default.

You are rightfully getting some funny replies lol. If you are finding it hard to get the 200 kills or it’s slow for you, I suggest focusing on getting whatever pick up weapons you can during the matches. Anyone can get kills with the mace,retro and boomshot. On core tagging a grenade on the floor beside the door leading into the torque from the grenades is a good way to get a kill or 2.

Also if you are not a pvp player you should be watching for players already in a shootout and picking up the scraps.


Third partying two people in a shotgun battle is the best way to go to get kills easily.

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That seems to be the case since I always respawn where I’ve been killed. Rid-dic-a-lusss…!

I hate when I spawn and I have to take the slide. Lol there’s always a camper at the bottom. Sliding right into a gnasher is always fun.