What's the fastest way to get 200 free for all kills?

What is the fastest and easiest way to get 200 free for all kills to unlock the krampus scion skin??

Is just grinding out free for all matches in quick play the fastest way? Or is there another easier way to do it? Like a private match ? Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile: thanks!



…and just when you thought the forums couldn’t get any more degenerate…


It’s probably easiest just to play the mode mode normally. I tend to get 25+ kills each match, so that’s essentially 10 or less matches until I get 200 kills.

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They will let just about any body join the forums these days


Yeah no idea as no interest in the mode but would like that skin so best advice would be to rush with the Gnasher most likely

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Play aggressively. Steal kills.

To play great at the game… just like how do you beat Donkey Kong Country? by being good at platformers games man…

Gonna be honest I don’t think think there is a quick way other than paying until youv unlocked it

It’s not kill stealing if you’re on your own, it’s Free For All and everyone is the enemy. It’s a concept that simply doesn’t exist in this mode. Taking a down means you’ll block your enemy from gaining a point, a point that could let them win the game later on and would be the difference between winning and losing (only #1 wins in FFA).

I only played a few games of FFA yesterday for the first time but this is my take on this particular topic after playing a few.


Kill your opponent?

Actually no that’s too simple, see what you want to do is camp a corner the entire game while revving your chainsaw and spinning in circles :+1:


any body indeed mate…anybody :wink:


Oh geeze. I was using it loosely. It’s a cheap tactic to win, but it’s viable in FFA.No need to get technical. You won’t get praised taking everyone’s down and only winning if you were able to do just that.

The better you are at the game the faster you will get the skin. No cheeky way to beat the system just gotta play public FFA and get kills. If you suck it’s gonna take you a while if you’re good it will only take a few games. Just sit back and enjoy playing got plenty of time to get the skin

Tips to get kills easily
Go for power weapons like the overkill, nades, mace. I recommend sticking to the cqc power weapons if you’re going to be playing aggressively.

Play aggressive if you suck you’ll die a lot but you’ll get more kills then you would sitting back and playing passively.

Try to pick off people that are distracted or that are currently in the middle of a gun fight. It’s kinda scummy but easy kills lol.

If you see someone wall bouncing around just chainsaw them or if your good you could challange them but in assuming you’re not the best since your asking for help.

Try to steal downs again easy kills

Play FFA. Thats it.

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Horde mode custom matches

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another fast way man its to suit MAC as " Delivery Driver Mac" , with that skin it gives you extra firepower on the retrolancer and you will be able to kill more people faster !!!

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  1. Aim gun
  2. Pull trigger

No but really, questions like these are kind of dumb. FFA is all about individual skill. Boiled down, it’s personal skill. Learn the layout of the map and weapon spawn locations. The FFA maps are more tunnel-like than the normal maps, so get used to using your Gnasher more than your Lancer.

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Basically two words.


I got the 200 kills in 8 games. If you can’ t rip up expect to take 20 or so games.

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