What's the deal with Gears vets obsessing over Gears 1's "dark and gritty" graphics?

Definitely PS4’s release took a lot of 360 players.

Also constant games coming out will always interest players into trying them out too.

I’m an 06 vet and I was excited for the style changes that happened in 3.
That being said, I’ve grown tired getting upset over the same core issues that has plagued this series since day 1.
I also think some vets confuse style to tone. 4 and 5 reek of marvel humor and pandering where 1 to 3 were war stories and the humor was played straight.
I find it funny that some people on the forums are wanting gears to follow infinites back to basic approach, when 70 percent of the player base has already dropped off. Gamers are tired of the same ol,.same ol and gears seems to be stuck in that ditch the most


Yes. Every time my girlfriend and I see a Marvel movie and she asks me what my thoughts are, my one constant complaint is they always have to incorporate the same style of jokes in every movie. Including on some moments where the tone is supposed to be serious.

But yes, style and tone are different in which I do think people get confused.

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As a response to the Marvelisation of media, I’d love for David Lynch to collaborate with TC. Then we’ll see how dark things get… It won’t be the dark and gritty that these '06 Veterans wanted, but that’ll show them!

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An eye for an eye. I love it.

Here’s hoping! And aye that screenshot was glorious :heart_eyes:.

Your gamer pic is cartoony!

And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for this meddling and logical hedgehog!

Yours is too bright!

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You didn’t!


Hivebusters and Tactics has shown us that TC can make good stories.

They arent better than the epic games era of campaigns but TC has the chops. I really believe their marvel humor and the open world segments hurt our characters development.

I kept advocating that 5 would’ve been in better shape if we had an extra act that had JD and Fahz working together. And if the choice was removed. And if the current act III segment was made linear rather than open. 5 wouldnt be as terrible.


One thing that makes it not as good as it can be is the abilities. Makes it feel arcadey instead of a hardcore experience. Other than that it’s a pretty solid DLC.

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I was about to say this.

When Gears 3 released, both the Gamestop and Best Buy near me had huge crowds at midnight, with trivia games and raffles. It was a huge event. When Gears 4 came out, I walked in the day of and bought a Gears 4 XB1S without preorder because they had a handful in stock just sitting there.

We need to remember circumstances outside of the games themselves when grading their ‘popularity’. Microsoft hurt their own brand for a long while and that affected all their game communities, Gears included. It’s also important to note that shooters became severely over-saturated in the market since Gears 1-3, and that games-as-a-service now requires more of a commitment to each game. People play fewer AAA games for longer periods of time now compared to the X360 days.


That’s really sad.

I had both 4 and 5 preordered.

Preordered 4 from best buy.

5 from game stop.

As for that gears 3 event. I dont think I’ll ever get to experience a gears release like that :pensive:

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It’s also sort of my area. Playstation, like, killed Xbox here. I don’t really know anyone in person who had an Xbox One before, like, two years ago when Gamepass became a thing.

My entire high school was like 80% playstation.

Only my friends group had xbox’s surprisingly.

That’s funny to me. All through high school and college, all my friends had Xboxes. I had Gamecube/Wii. There was like a small subset of us who played Smash, but everyone else played Halo.

First time I played Gears 1 was with all my friends on the one Xbox 360 any of our friends owned. We piled up together in a small basement with Mt. Dew trading off the controller among like eight guys and played through the campaign all night into morning. It was awesome.

During elementary school (I’m very young I know) 360 was the jam.

I dont really know how we had gears 1 at my house, we had bought the white 360 in like 07 I believe and we only had like Lego Indiana jones and Lego star wars :joy:

I wasnt allowed to play it obviously because I was really little but I would sneak playing it because it looked so epic to me.

I managed to get gears 2 for my birthday in 09, and I was stupid crazy about that game. I remember my friend had to come over and like nag me to get off of my xbox because I spent so much time playing it. He liked gears as well, he was actually my split screen buddy. I think he wasnt as crazy about it like me because I would solely play 2 but I think he just went along with it because he knew how much I loved it.

Gears 3 was one of my Christmas gifts in 2011, I dont remember if me and him split screened the game but I feel like we did. I do know i was very very upset when we ended up in late act III :sweat_smile:


So far I’ve pre-ordered 3-5 at Gamestop.

My brother used to have a friend that would illegally burn games onto discs and that’s how I played Gears 2 along with many other games lol

Woah Danny :flushed:

I think we forgot to turn in gears 2 at redbox and we ended up buying it afterwards :joy:

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Let me think…

I bought Gears 1 at a local shop where I went for a Smash Bros. Brawl tournament. I didn’t even own an Xbox yet. My brother got one for his birthday and I played it on that.

I got Gears 2 at the mall Gamestop, but the employee there was kind enough to inform me that the other Gamestop upstairs still had a couple first release copies that came with the Flashback Map Pack. So I went upstairs and bought one of those. It was my early-Christmas-present to myself after I bought a used 360.

Gears 3, I preordered at both Gamestop and Best Buy so I could get both the Dom and Baird preorder skins, and ended up winning my copy at Best Buy for free from the raffle while my brother, staying at Gamestop, got a shirt that says, “I’m Going Commando”.

Gears Judgment I actually preordered through Amazon to get Alex Brand. So… it just showed up at my house. Boring. Also ■■■■ Amazon.

Gears Ultimate I actually don’t remember, but I assume I just preordered it at Gamestop and picked it up. :man_shrugging:

Gears 4, as mentioned, I walked into Gamestop and just bought the blue XB1S with Gears 4 included on the day of because they had plenty in stock lol.

Gears 5 I preordered the special XB1X for it. I actually came home and kicked my brother, roommate and their friends out because I was like, “I never call dibs on the living room and you’re always welcome to use it but it’s Gears night and you didn’t ask.” They understood and went to hang at Mike’s Drive In instead lol.

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