What's the current situation

What’s the current status with the game? Can’t find matches for anything… I mean I’ll just crack on with campaign if so. I don’t think an in game message on start up basically saying you know ‘Its ■■■■■■, try later’ is too much to ask.

You can check on the status of the servers or anything else via twitter by searching @TheCoalition

Was hoping for the more honest one you guys provide here Haha.

Total chaos, I can’t even buy the AAPE Kait from the store, let alone I still haven’t received my 30 day boost + Halo characters.

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Bummer. My reach characters appeared. I’ve got 49 days boost now as well but yeah, Damn, just wanna chill with some Gears.

I’ve had luck with hard resetting my console. That usually has gotten me into a match.

One thing I’m noticing is the quickplay mode usually works right away, where as ranked has really been hit or miss. The one thing I can’t stand is the match dissolving because someone quit before we start. That is infuriating!

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Yeah got a couple of arcade matches there. Not really my thing but it’s better than nothing lol

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