What's the consensus on the Campaign? *SPOILERS*

I’m going to just do a review of the campaign from my point of view, most people seem to be saying it’s good or they at least “liked it”, so I’m curious on how people feel and why.

Starting off, the story is fairly intriguing, it starts setting up issues with Kait and some drama involving JD’s leadership skills. Act 1 puts us into a more dire situation than the meandering story of Gears 4, the level design is competent, Lizzie is a fun character and the writers use her effectively to set up a shocking death that ties into JD’s issues and the growing distrust that Kait and Del have of him. I was so ready to get more on that later on.

Then came Act 2, which was the plotline that sold me on this game from the start; Kait’s bloodline, the definitive origin of the Locusts, and how the two tie together. I liked Kait’s hallucinations throughout, and the sequence where Myrrah forces Kait into controlling the Swarm blew my mind. There was so much intrigue and drama at this point that I was hooked, and very interested in Kait’s journey to the old research facility.

The first “open world” section was well-handled and should be the minimum standard for these open levels if they continue putting them into Gears; It’s big but not frustratingly large, there’s tons of variety in the side locations/architecture (Icy caverns, an old-timey mining facility, an area with massive trees, COG encampments, and the laboratory), and you’re getting important story progression at a decent pace.

Finding the lost settlers was an okay side mission, it was foreshadowed in the previous chapter if you paid attention and these types of open worlds benefit from side missions that tie together and reward the player’s exploration. Going back to the lab from Gears 2, talking to Niles, going deeper into the creepy facility was all handled wonderfully, but the end of Act 2 is where the game began to decline for me.

They introduce the Matriarch, which looks like she’s going to be a major figure in the story until Kait and Del just kill her. The boss was fun, but it’s at this point that we stop learning about Kait, and she becomes stoic and boring now that her visions have stopped and the Locusts no longer want her as a queen. What follows is some of the worst game design I’ve ever seen.

Vasgar takes everything that was fun about the northern region and completely ruins it, turning the open world concept into an annoying chore that painfully overstays it’s welcome. The locations are repetitive (absolutely everything is covered in red sand, and all the buildings are either generic “Russian” facilities or half-buried ruins), the map is insanely large to the point that it becomes annoying to traverse, all the side missions are useless fetch quests, and the pacing is awful.

The story screeches to a halt so that Delta Squad can run around putting a rocket together for the Hammer of Dawn to work, something they basically already did in Act 1. JD and Fahz show up out of nowhere, and just when you think they’re here to add tension and drama, they don’t really do much of anything the entire Act and everybody’s just friends again.

There’s this dumb repeating gag where Paduk’s men speak Vasgari and nobody can understand them; It was neat at first, but got old extremely quickly, especially because the Vasgari people are all just clones of each other with the same faceless models and handful of voice actors. It was also super frustrating to have a guy on the team who is of Vasgari lineage, but can’t speak it whatsoever, just so the dumb gag can keep happening.

Anyway, we launch the UIR rocket and a giant Dune worm comes completely out of nowhere with no foreshadowing (Gears was always one of the best games at foreshadowing massive monsters). The Dune worm boss is boring and feels like an inferior version of the Leviathan.

Act 4 is just a boring slog through a battlefield, not much goes on story-wise until Kait’s mom pops up out of nowhere and for whatever reason, the Coalition decided it would be a good idea to randomly insert a branching choice about a major character death into a long-running series of linear games, a choice that was not properly built toward and feels more like it robs Kait of her agency by giving it to the player.

The Dune Worm shows up again, you do the same lame boss fight again, and Jack, the only good character in this game, blows himself up to kill it. By this point, my brain had turned into mush and was leaking out of my ears, and the story didn’t really “end” so much as it just kinda stopped abruptly.

TL;DR - The campaign starts off with some of the best storytelling in the franchise, but the plot loses steam halfway through and turns into a boring mess of bad pacing and worse game design. Easily the worst Gears campaign I’ve played.


The problem with the open worlds is that they do them back to back. If it went from the mountain ice area to a different mission relating to the plot, then to Vasgar it would’ve been better. I agree that having two open worlds back to back really broke the pacing.

The story in itself wasn’t terrible until you got to the ‘choice’. That’s where it
fell apart IMO.

Also, we lose a lot of story progression to a four month time skip between the HOD accident and the recruitment of Oscar. I want to see what happened with JD there. I would’ve actually liked to see some JD progression take place between the ice and the desert. Like, go to JD and do some missions with him. Have him explain himself through the narrative. See him arguing with his dad, see him talk with Fahz and see some missions they go on. Then have it catch up to them in the desert. There was so much potential there that was squandered.


I just hated Vasgar on the whole. It felt like what should’ve been one short linear mission got stretched out into an hours-long slog. In the mountain region, the sense of discovery that the player is experiencing goes hand-in-hand with the plot of Kait/Del searching for answers to the mystery of the Locusts. Vasgar is just the characters fooling around putting together a rocket that’s conveniently scattered miles apart in a barren wasteland.

I would hate that level even if it were split up with more linear missions, though it would certainly help. I agree that there should’ve been two subplots between JD and Kait that converge, similar to Gears 3.


I want to start off by admitting that I didn’t read the whole thing, but I just wanted to touch on a single aspect of the campaign that I found a bit meh which is what I think you’re referring to in the tldr section: the open world.

Generally, in an open world game, it’s hard keep the story as the main focus of the game, and puts the focus more on exploration and other activities that doesn’t directly pertain to the main story. The issue with Gears 5 is that not only was there not much to do outside of the main quest during the open world acts, but the pacing of the story suffered because you spent most of the time riding on your skiff and doing somewhat unnecessary, non interesting tasks.

IMO, it was a weird choice for TC to build the SP semi open world, semi traditional. My guess is either they wanted to test out and see how people would react to Gears in open world form, Or they wanted to save money/time by padding the game with open world areas since it costs them less money/time to develop empty, open world areas rather than highly detailed, enclosed areas. Or they realized that the story would be too short in a traditional format, so they decided to stretch it by making the two acts open world.

Either way, those two open world acts were pretty dull compared to the other ones.

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I liked Vasgar aesthetically and I really believe they could’ve done more with it and just took out the OW aspect. It was a bit tedious TBH and the skiff, while interesting, wore out its welcome in the Kadar mountains.

For me, the biggest missed opportunity for this story was just completely leaving the four month gap between Act 1 and 2 aside besides hints from Kait and Del talking to each other, not just because it could have given us insights into how he changed and why, if he ever mentioned that, but also to show us how Kait handled the transition from Outsider to COG life and the military, and how it gradually “changed” her, so to speak. The time period between Act 2 and 3 could also have served as showing why JD and Fahz suddenly became the “good guys” with Kait and Del again and both her and Del just accept this sudden out of nowhere change. Kait even gets mad at him at first but that goes away as soon as it got to her. I mean, alright, JD said he wanted to make up for not behaving properly over the last few months. But it’s all forgiven and forgotten right off the bat?

Otherwise, I didn’t have a lot of issues other than that the Windflare in Act 3 when passing back through to catch the train is just ridiculous and largely RNG based with how the tornadoes appear, especially on Insane. Skiffing skills only get you so far there. And when I did make it through that section on Insane and am about to bring the bridge back down, what does one of the bots do? Walks right into the Salvo as I’m firing it.:grimacing: My controller almost wanted to learn to fly. At least I didn’t have to do the Windflare again.


Yes, YES! So much yes about JD and Fahz. Literally my face when I noticed JD’s and Fahz’ personality switch at Vasgar.


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It felt so empty at that point because I was wondering what the hell happened between them and how JD and Fahz just did a complete 180.


It’s obvious something significant something happened in the days to weeks between Act 2 and 3. They really should have included something in the game to tell us what all of the characters, specifically new cast, went through in both of the time skips. Or just Fahz and JD between 2 and 3, if nothing important went on between Kait and Del after severing her connection to the Swarm network and killing the Matriarch.

I expect comics or book(s) to cover those time gaps.


I seriously put my controller down when I noticed and stared at the screen for a good 20 seconds wondering if I blacked out at some point and missed a good portion of a cutscene or something.


I also expect them to fill us in on those moments in novels and comics. At least, I hope they do.

Act 1 was imo a good follow up to Gears 4, then it sort it went downhill, Oscars voice actor change bugged me like hearing lines like “young ones” in a different voice was weird, The Open World bit was relaxing but didn’t feel Gears like. Finding some unique relic weapons was fun but the fact that you lose the best ones from act 2 to act 3 was silly had the boltok boomshot on me and longshot dropshot on the skiff but when I got to act 3 they were gone, the force gun change in act 2 chapter 5 was annoying and the sort of abrupt end of kait to queen arc was silly, even worse was Renyas return, tf happened at the end of Gears 4 did Kait not bury her mother who doesn’t do that!?? Honestly I agree that at the end 2 we should of jumped to Fahzzy JD fun time. Act 3 was definitely dry Paduk was back and he was just sort of there same with JD and Fahzzy and they all lived happily ever after, one thing I did like was the Fahzzy Del banter which imo built well towards dels death not sure why tbh you got a choice Marcus’s son dies!? The dude we bonded with in Gears 4 didn’t make sense to me. The final boss was silly the the thing has 4 tentacles yet we only destroyed 2? Imo campaign was good had some bad parts but it made me laugh (Fahzzy and del bromance) and cry (Lizzy and JDs fake death) at times

“…Act 3 was definitely dry…”



Did you read the first chapter of Ascendance? The cave was sealed off. But the Swarm either went back inside and hooked the body back up to the Swarm mass or the organic mass just somehow reconnected to Reyna’s body by itself.

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The campaign felt long and tedious during acts 2 and 3. It’s also incredibly buggy.

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Why did JD get a promotion after killing hundreds of cog and civilians launching the hammer of dawn on himself. Then JD was like super hardened in act 2 than a few weeks later after act 2 the guy is nice and buddy buddy with del and kait. JD might be the flattest character i have ever seen in the gears series.


It’s really unclear why he was promoted. Jinn actually blamed at least Del and Kait for what happened in Settlement 2 with the Hammer when they had absolutely nothing to do with it happening and nothing would have stopped JD from doing what he did there. He was convinced it had to be done to save the convoy and Delta. Maybe Jinn didn’t want to make him go through worse than what he might already have been feeling. But putting the blame on those who weren’t responsible also wasn’t right.

Right? If anything I was expecting a court martial for doing the exact thing Jinn was against and proving she was right to not want the Hammer back online. But for whatever reason the dude was promoted???

Too much went unexplained in that time skip, and Act 3 just made it weirder.


I thought he was promoted after the “protester” incident?

No, that was months, if not nearly a year before Gears 5, in Settlement 2. He was still Lieutenant when it fell too. The promotion only came after that.