What's the best Master horde squad for that perfect challenge to fun ratio?

Deriving from my previous post where I said that Marcus ruins Horde, what lineup of 16-18 levels that know how to play would be the best to have a challenge with serious threats. You know, several “that was close” moments, but not impossible. A run that requires some tactics, keeping sides covered, saving Ults for the right moment.

Right now it’s either dead on 9 because stupid or cruising to 50 because Marcus/Eng/JD. Depends on the map of course.

One thing I miss from 4 is the scouts bonus to power during wave, which was a must for a good base,and those covered raids to get the power.

The best horde squad for anything is 5 friends with headsets in constant communication, willing to figure things out with you.
With that you can accomplish anything eventually and any possible behavior that annoys you can be avoided by talking about it and finding an acceptable alternative.
Challenge to fun/Total victory/ Sweaty Frustrating Death March : you can find ways to achieve any of those and switch between them at will.
Communication is everything. It’s how we know what other players want from us and it’s how we get other players to help to the greatest effect. So many complaints about features of the game that I’ve seen were actually complaints about how other players used those features. The features in this game so far aren’t perfect but with 4 friends and yourself then it is very good.

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Hmmm Thats a good one. Since everyone got a buff I am not really sure. I am currently going through different combinations. Cole, Cog, Clayton, Baird and lahni is my next try. In theroy should be a challenge lol.

Clayton, COG Gear, Del, Lizzie and Cole.

-They don’t spam anything.
-Aren’t massive damage dealers.
-Seems like they’ll be a challenge and could beat 12 or 50 waves.

This is all because of there boost post-OP4.

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I would go with Del,Kait,Lizzie,Clayton and Keegan

  • Del for his fortification discounts/health bonus.

  • Kait for the close range damage and since there’s no jack she’ll have to pick up the majority of the power, along with the cloak ult she’ll be able to revive teammates in tough situations.

  • Lizzie for the very useful cold finish and with the addition of the new drop shot card she’ll be able to stun the enemy.

  • Clayton with his new mulcher build or his explosive stun, plus with his ult duration buff he’ll be able to use it in a tight situation to revive teammates.

  • Keegan with his new explosive ammo regen perk he’ll be able to do a fair amount of damage with either salvos boomshots or dropshots and even regen explosive ammo for Liz and Clay depending on their builds. Along with his ult radius and healing module he should be able to provide plenty of damage resistance and ammo for the team.

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Del, Kait, Lizzie, Jack and JD or Keagen
Its the most simple, and doesn’t matter the map team