What's the best and worst map in Gears 4

Just thought of an interesting discussion to do.

So lets get right to it, in your opinion whats the best and worst map in Gears 4 and why? this can be overall or simply on a playlist basis and can be launch maps or post launch maps

king of the Hill
For me the best map is foundation because it has a pretty even playing field with minimal areas of camping and map the beauty of the map design itself.

As for the worst I got to say its Blood drive simply because people can literally stop you from breaking hill if its on the first stair case platform as a team can position themselves up top and lancer anyone thats coming from the door and the stairs.

Also this is a terrible map for Guardian and TDM since the other team can spawn block you.

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Blood drive is the worst

Washing Machine is the best.

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Washing machine is great too, but its kinda buggy though. Sometimes the turret glitches out for me.

I also hate raven down, for the love of Gears why do people vote for it in king of the hill. I knows its a Gears Classic but imo in core anyway it doesnt play well.


Of the new maps, Reclaimed and Foundation are excellent.

Dawn is too dammed big.

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Isnt dawn the same size of all maps though? I doubt they would create maps with different sizes.

Perhaps its the large spawn area that makes it big? I dont get why that starting apawn area has to be large.

Drydock is the worst and if you pick it you’re the worst.

My favorite since Gears 1 has been Clocktower and I’ll always vote Clocktower as the best imo. I’m also fond of Blood Drive.

Avalanche is a horrible map and I wish I could remove it from most likely to show up in horde. (just for me though) As a VS map not much hate but keeps bringing back bad memories lol

Original Lift would be my favorite map. In VS it might not be great but in Horde I think its a brilliant map to play.

With maps, it’s not physical size that makes them too big. Case in point, Reclaimed and Foundation are very dynamic. Dawn is a bunch of boxes strewn everywhere. If you’re going to do that, make it a small map.

Best: Reclaimed (I do like some Harbor too)
Worst: Rustlung (never understood why it had to come back, hated it in GoW3)


Among the old maps, I find Rustlung to be an absolute chore. What am awful layout.

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Reclaimed foundation lift and blood drive seem to be favs. I miss gow 2 maps. Not a fan of these maps

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Best: Avalanche, Dam, Lift Apex
Worst:Reclaimed Windflare, Gridlock, Old Town, Speyer

I think Foundation is a wildly overrated map. Reclaimed would be a “best” map IMO if the B hill on Esc wasn’t so easy to hold.

And I consider a map “worst” if it is a trash map for all game modes.

Relic is my fav. Glory my least.

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I think Speyer would be a pretty good map, but It has that R4-Salvo that is abused.
My favourite maps are foundation and reclaimed (but I also like all the Launch maps, reclaimed Windflare and diner)
I hate Gridlock, Blood drive, rustlung, the slab, Harbor haze and the new Old Town (Gears 3 version was beautiful indeed).
Obviously impact Dark is the worst map of all.

I am said abuser of the aforementioned R4 Salvo. :smile:
While everyone fights for nades, I grab that sucker and spoil everyone’s fun. You just have to know which angles to use to avoid getting sniped.

In nearly every Guardian I’ve played on that map (dozens), I’ve had at least one round where I haul that bad boy over to their spawn and kill the leader. It’s such a ridiculous weapon. Every sniper should watch the feed for that being picked up. But, alas, they don’t…

I like Forge, Dawn, Speyer. (I really like a wide view and it allow us to drop some big foes at distance,even not being a sniper).

Dislike Bloodrive. (You all know why.)

For horde.

(Would dislike Avalanche too, but the real problem is where people place the fabricator.)


Best maps: Gears 4
Worst maps: Gears 3

If they add any more Gears 1/2/3 maps into Gears 5, I quit.


The real problem of that weapon isn’t the damage, but how fast It shoots those rockets. It’s pure no sense. And yeah, I know using the sniper is the best way to kill the user and this is what I do when teammates don’t grab it. But in KOTH is so annoying… :confused:

Very very interesting.
Welcome on my blacklist ✓

Knowing them and how in love they are with their work, we’ll get Forged and Lift brought back to Gears 5, as part of the season pass. :smile:

Re-skin of Gridlock, with rain :joy: