What's More Likely? (Story Thread)

So I’ve been enjoying the Tech Test, hope everyone else has. Like a weirdo I’ve had subtitles turned on and realized I’ve seen the Hunter shout “For the Queen!” At the beginning of a round a couple times. I know the Locust said it in 4, but never the Swarm I don’t think…

So are we looking at some sort of indicator for the story? Do you think they’re mentioning Myrrah? Kait? Maybe even Reyna?

It confused me, anybody else have an idea?


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I’ve heard the Elite Hunter shout “Queen’s fury!” when executing someone.

Skip to 1:47.

Definitely interesting, Reyna is an absolute no due to the fact she’s most definitely dead but I’m sure Myrrah will have a role and I’m still holding onto the hope she’s alive in the Hive Mind. Kait doesn’t seem probable, she has too much of a loyalty to the humans and I doubt TC has the courage to make her a villain.

Of course that then makes you wonder why Niles is the announcer if Myrrah is still around in a way. But who knows?

Oh, and I love the trademark :joy::+1:

Yeah that’s a fair point. And why thank you :ok_hand:

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