What's Lahni's role in the Scorpio Squad dynamic?

So in the Hivebusters campaign we get some good characterization for the members of Scorpio Squad. Mac is the smart one; he’s the one that’s willing the pull the plug on the doomed mission, he comes up with the idea of riding Snatchers to the cores of hives, and he realizes that the Galangi Islands mission isn’t an official COG operation. Keegan is like the heart of the team, he knows and believes in the power of being part of a team , something bigger than yourself, and he inspires the other two. But I can’t really figure out where Lahni fits in. Is she just the best fighter?

She’s the token ethnic who has cultural knowledge about their location…? That’s just me being super-cynical though! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s honestly a good question, maybe she’s a mediator of sorts

Doesn’t she kind of break up mac and keegan’s cog/anti cog arguments.

She’s “The Architect” of Scorpio Squad


When do these skins get released?




Oh ok


When they fix all of their game’s bugs

Look pretty ?

Lahni is the adrenaline junkie of the squad.

The artbook really is very barebones in terms of intel. Also, ironic that one of Macs cards is called “Adrenaline junkie”.

HOLY HELL! When can we get our hands on this one? I know but still I have to ask lol.

Sorry about the slight deviation from the original OP but its just an awesome looking skin.

CRAP! Ive said something I shouldn’t have.

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arrgg…why is Lahni so hated…I love her…my favorite character but I swear everybody hates her…lol