What's happening?

I’ve been getting killed by rather frequently by players who seem to instant transmission around corners .

Example: You hit cover at the same time an enemy does and immediately up A or 7/9 A and before your animation even starts the opponent has teleported around the cover, gibbed you, and while spectating you see he’s already some 20 feet away.

How am I supposed to counter play that?

I’ve played some multiplayer games with while having high ping (some eastern exclusive games ).

Why does it feel like I’m lagging behind of most people in the lobby when I will have the best connection to the server (a constant 5ms, 0 jitter) ?

I swear there are times when everyone in the lobby is a full second ahead of me.

Also, when an opponent is revving their chainsaw, damage should interrupt the animation, but that’s the case with a player who’s ping is beyond a certain point.

Look, TC - I get that you don’t want to give the lower ping an advantage, but it’s a slap in the face to overtly screw people with quality connections.

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I believe these players are beta testing the new warp drive wall bounce dlc. Your best bet to not get killed is to stay at a safe distance and lancer them until they message you “el lancer campero”.


Lol. Using the lancer does work sometimes in core mode, other times that person will run directly at you as you empty an active lancer magazine into his face.

He kills you and the game tells you you did 99% damage in 11 hits.


This right here…↑



Lol that is exactly how it feels when there is some kind of Lag. The weird part is when you know your connection is the not the problem.

And this right here is the problem. By going out of their way to ensure people with quality connections don’t get an advantage, TC has ensured that people with poor quality connections will, no matter what, at least on occasion, have an advantage.

Lag compensation is a necessary evil due to the physical limitations of the internet, but it should be the policy of every game developer to have as little of it as possible without totally breaking the game. There needs to be a relatively low threshold for what will be compensated. If your connection is bad, you should suffer, not anyone else.


I wish I could give you more than a single thumbs up.

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Yep ,this is what I wrote in another thread when some high pingers were getting bent out of shape…

"I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t be allowed BUT I definitely would say you should be locked out of ranked, social only for players whose pings sky rocket and spike then fall and repeat for the whole match

Instead we/players with very adequate to awesome connections are still being forced to play with those who really have no business playing an online ranked competitive game, and now we are basically being forced to stay in matches with those players or WE get banned SMH , seems downright backwards to me .
First we have to adjust and simply predict where the high ping laggy , lag comp players are and now we can’t even back out of a game with those players. That’s some ■■■ backwards logic right there! "