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What's happened to the Black Steel characters lately?

(III EnVii III) #21

If hiding is your playstyle then that’s fine, you’ve got the characters for that now.

I’m hoping TC go back to more lights though.

(Burnt ReynOLDzz) #22

the best is the scion with the spiked shoulder pad addon. These characters should have way more detail like spikes ,razor blades, broken glass, helmet/hat upgrades, not just dull steel reskins.THAT MARCUS SIDE BY SIDE. IS HORRID! they should have swapped the dew rag out for a WWI german helmet with a spike on it and covered his armor in silver mini spikes.

(FrienofthedeviL) #23

Idk it seems if less threads like this existed and less people cared about skins then tc would put more of their efforts into game play and stuff that matters

(Aquiles ARR) #24

At first, they put a lot of effort into the black steel designs to get people excited about buying them.
Now that the seed is in place, the effort has dropped dramatically.

It’s the way to make the same money but with less work.

(xFribbo) #25

I think they’re fine like that, the black steel armored Marcus has loads of LED lights why make them look the same?

(RayzilIa) #26

I noticed that too. His eyes are different as well.

(xValtiel) #27

Press X for doubt

(Gigant0pithecus) #28

A big burly character dressed in dark armor doesn’t mean you’re incognito. They’re just as easily spotted as a character with blue lights. It’s not like you’re goign to get bodied by a newer BS character and go “Whoa he came out of nowhere!”

(Fabio Iz B3AST) #29

Agreed 100%. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

(SpIurgy) #30

Look it’s the same dude who claims nobody cares about skins lol. You’re whats pathetic :joy::joy: go play horde. Not to mention they have dedicated customization developers which is a separate team than the multiplayer one lol

(FrienofthedeviL) #31

Why U keep telling me to play horde man? Lol I mean horde is fun and all but I’ve moved on to fallout 4 as of late.

(zerohuhunter0) #32

there will always be people who speak badly, although I agree if they changed too much the skin bs from the first (which had football-like marks and many lights kait diaz)were gradually dimming them until almost not having any lights, I do not deny that all blacks are well (marcus) and although we think, we will always continue to buy those packs

(The Sloth T34) #33

Fallout New Vegas > Fallout 4

(FrienofthedeviL) #34

I’ve heard this before and as soon as I finish the DLC (that has actual content like quests and maps tc hint hint jk but not really) I’m hitting FNV. I’m looking forward to getting to play as someone who from what I have read does not have some huge motivation to dive into the main story right away. All I know though is that you play as someone who got beat and can seek revenge - not as important as finding ur son or being the mo effing dragon born! Don’t get me wrong I love Skyrim and Fallout 4 but the openness to go off the main narrative without breaking immersion is some that I’m looking forward to in NV. That is from the minimal stuff I’ve read about NV however lol

(The Sloth T34) #35

New Vegas DLC is super good. Once you play New Vegas you’ll see skyrim/fallout 4 are pretty disappointing

(GnashinPumpkinz) #36

Yeah i do notice that. It goes further even on standardskins. Look at the drone variations like drone vs beast rider, you would think BR is a drone with a helmet but the armor colours are not the same, which is somehow inconsistent. While this is a small thing, its a bigger issue with the BS skins.