What's gonna happen to the main-menu once OP8 ends?

During OP3 or 4 the game would actually rotate through the maps in the background and display YOUR recently used characters and weapon skins instead of characters you couldn’t care less about or didn’t even own.

What’s everyones prediction for it? Will they keep OP8s characters and maps in rotation until the servers go down or will they go back to the good system? Kilo mentioned a while ago that the OP3/4-system could easily be brought back but they would rather promote their glorious content with the current system.


It would be cool to see gameplay screenshots, like you mentioned all the characters you used throughout the entirety of the game, stats of what maps you picked the most, etc.




that jacket is great btw.

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Preferably it would cycle through all map and characters except the terminator crowd and the positive rainbow power folks because I hate them and if I see them on my screen I’m out.

What will really happen though is all the maps, character and options will go ghost on us, we will never get an answer from TC because reasons and Gears 6 will be exactly what I expect it to be.

All in all really have no idea.

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A permanent reminder of the gears franchise murderer


I’ll be honest, the issue you mention is pretty far from being the most glaring fault and most prioritized issue in the game that needs fixing.

eh people realized too late. seen others and myself make posts about him year + ago and people said “no hes doing things behind the scenes” and then he left, lol.

Maybe it will be full of… Warder, Matriarch, Juvie, Sire,…

What kind of new Swarm abomination is this? A badger combined with a Warden?

I’d like to have the old display of my actually selected character again instead of the whatever’s new display that I don’t really care about most of the time. Especially for the Swarm/Locust side characters. But I’m not expecting it.


The character it displayed was whatever you had set for horde, escape, versus standard, versus arcade, along with your selected lancer weapon skin. I think it should go back to that and cycle randomly through whatever background maps are available (I don’t think all of the have ever been used) or allow you to select a favourite. Although maybe it could be something that sums up the game as a whole with several characters posing, similar to the very brief Hivebusters background but I prefer the display of the custom selection.


Sam will be front and centre with The PussyCat Girls hit “Don’t cha” playing on a loop in the background.:grin:

Also try typing Pus** as in feline, I can’t believe it gets censored, what is the world coming too!


Lmao how the hell did you come up with that?! :joy: :rofl:

Sam she puts all the naughty thoughts in my mind… that and the swearing :sweat_smile::kissing_heart::+1:

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I can’t really blame you for that mate lol

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I would pay good money to fight a badger-Warden hybrid.