What would you do?

After I heard in the forum already from several people that something with the penalties is not correct regarding exclusion because of “bad” Internet connection I wanted to ask if it is still worth trying to climb a rank.
I have already received so many penalties that I can not get away from the silver medal (I am almost ashamed of my rank).
When will the next season start?
Would you still give some pace until then?

Play for fun. Rank in this game is a hamster wheel for solo players because it determines the ability of the team you’re in, not your individual skill.
Always play for fun and work for money. Not the other way around.



There’s normally a couple of weeks break between seasons right? The current season ends on 1 October, so I guess the next one would start in mid-October?

I would suggest play for the enjoyment first and foremost. As you say we all know the rank system is far from the greatest, so try not to give it too much if any notice.
Don’t be ashamed of your rank, it is only a game ( albeit GEAR4LIFE :wink: ) once you turn off the Xbox or close down the forum, no one really cares.

Nah it switches over immediately. As soon as your rank resets, you can immediately do your placement games and get ranked again.

Ashamed of your rank? I’d be ashamed if I was D5. So many things I need to take care of daily I do not have time or patience (or skill(yet)) to climb. I’m Bronze 3. Contrary to popular belief… It’s not a mark against your manhood.

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