What would you change?

Doesnt matter what it is, if you had one choice and they said no problem, what would it be? Bonus points for details lol

Edit: I’ve collected the comments with the most thumbs up and ordered them.

  1. Ranked Guardian
  2. Aim Assist[fixed june30th]
  3. Movement/Balance
  4. More maps
  5. Adding all weapons
  6. Re up/tod/store
  7. Ranked
  8. Gow1 Roadie Run [break sprint by shooting, no delay]
  9. Connectivity & Server Health
  10. Content in general, but more specifically characters.

To bring back Guardian!!!


The Gears 2 Gorgon.


Gears 4 tuning and movement.

Still blows my mind as much time as was spent on adjusting the tuning that it was all thrown out the window for 5.


XD they already confirmed it’s coming! So one OTHER thing lol

Yes, I think adding 1 weapon an operation would generate hype. Scorcher plz.

I feel you. Personally this movement doesnt bother me, the dev playlist brought the dance back a little. A few more tweaks and we will be golden!


I don’t think any one change could get me back on Gears 5 but bringing back old Horde would get my vote.
I really want to play VS but so many things feel bad. The maps. The tuning. I don’t think they could do enough to save VS for me.


What specifically about the tuning? Very curious!

I think if they developed a fair rank system, better matchmaking, and slicked up the movement a bit there would be a number of people that would come back.

Not a simple ask though.


Right. It’s not even about faster. Speed is good, maybe even a touch slower, but also reduce lancer overall damage by 20%, revert clip to 30 and lower the gnasher gib range, maybe even a more narrow spread so you aren’t getting chunked by the far end of the pellet spray, make barrel position count more.

Edit: you gotta admit ranked is better than launch. I dont go negative for winning anymore. I get points losing if I was top of team, especially mvp but lost lol. I agree though, still needs touched up like only getting points for downs and kills, the points you can get for a bullet or 2 without a down are kind of too much, and its affecting the player base with poor matchmaking in solo q…I was able to hit diamond in escalation solo for multiple seasons back in the gears 4 days, now it just feels impossible to get a fair match…I got placed bronze early in gears 5 but matched against master rank players in koth. Then was affected by the “stuck in silver 2” bug for MONTHS, and didnt earn my insane campaign achievement for 4 months after launch and beating story…my rank feels more accurate now, but there are times where it doesnt reflect the game I just played.

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New Maps and playable characters for Horde
and new enemies

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Remake gears 3 but remove the 3 and change it to 6.
Everyone’s problems get solved.

But fix the piano👀


Gears 4 had a flow to shooting while working off cover. It wasn’t the smoothest game by any means, but it felt less clunky and delayed. I’d sometimes be too tired to play but I’d still have fun wallbouncing and practicing trick shots. In 5, that vibe is pretty dead. The strong aim assist means you can’t dodge shots to close the distance. A more rigid play style is required now. It feels like a different game to me.


The dev playlist tuning, which disables this for everyone , goes live the 30th! See you there :]

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Gears 5 without that shithead Campaing!!! :rage::rage::rage:

Remove the annoying duplicate character restriction rule from PvE modes. I don’t mind the classes/roles locked to one player only, BUT I want to play as my favorite character without dealing with others who also want to play as that character. This pretty much brings back the class system from Gears of War 4 with an exception. The duplicate restriction rule would only apply to the classes/roles. NOT the character.

Edit: In other words,


Campaign does feel empty and boring at times, but I can replay gow1 and never get tired of it.


The breechshot!

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Bring back every skin from gears 4 for each character currently in game. Like NCOG Gears or Classic Marcus, or Sweater Imago.

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■■■■ bring back the gears 3 skins like the original thunderstorms skin…

Agreed completely.

I prefer 4 over 5