What would make you not buy or play the rumored collection

Since pretty much everyone on here already has the 360 version so it wouldn’t matter if the collection will delist the originals eventually similar to MCC, what would make you not bother with the gears collection? I just really hope there’s a camera shake option and hopefully the ability to fully remap the buttons similar to 5. I hope that they don’t make horde and the other game modes online only too


I’ll always play anything Gears related.


The only thing these games need is a pc port, dedicated servers, and maybe get the UE treatment where they get a whole remake. That’s the bare minimum of what I’m looking for if it were to be real.

The only thing that worries me about this collection is remembering the multiplayer being better than it was. The movement wasn’t as good at it is now and imagine how angry people will get with the lancers in those games.

I really like unlocking stuff through challenges though, that would be exciting.

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The movement more than likely has to do with the games being at 30 fps and having to hold the controller like some monster since tournament control scheme didn’t exist until UE or 4 came out iirc. After playing Gears 3 and 4, it’s not really the lancers themselves that are OP in 5, but rather the maps make it seem like it’s OP because there’s so many areas where you can get cross mapped by a lancer and not enough cover in order to push up in a timely manner (i.e. District, Icebound, and Gears 1/2 maps not made for respawn modes). I really don’t know how people can say Gears 3 the goat when an active lancer can down you almost as quickly as a claw in 5 at close range

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I think most people use tournament but they’ll probably add that in (hopefully), I use default so no issues.

Now that I think about it, you’re right. I don’t remember getting cross mapped much at all. I do remember retro on loadout though, I loved it like I did the enforcer in gears 4. I think that’ll be a hot topic too.

All in all the impression I get is that PVP player just want to run around with the shotgun out and never have to use the lancer. Would it be a true remaster if they changed things like that?

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To be frank, I’ll buy it regardless for a chance to relive Gears 3 with populated playlists again.

But I’ll be heavily disappointed if Gears 2 doesn’t get a Gears UE-style facelift, if there are no dedicated servers for clean PvP connections, and moderately disappointed if Judgment, and specifically Overrun, isn’t included.

I’m hoping that all of the prerecorded Lambent and Locust callout lines for Gears 5 characters means that there will be additional content for these games, like characters and skins, but if it’s strictly the content that was already in these games before, that’s fine too. I just ■■■■■■■ love Gears 3.


The only thing that would stop me from spending some quality time with a collection would be if it starts out as a hot dumpster fire of bugs and crashes.

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I think the likelihood of them doing this right is basically nonexistent. For starters — these games are tuned for 30fps and are about to be played by people on 300. Hitting shots was literally the mechanical skill gap in Gow1/2/3/J. Everyone didn’t hit every shot that left their gun — and tuning is such that holding your shot is situational as opposed to being the only thing you should ever do. Hitting your shots was hard — it isn’t going to be hard anymore.

Without tuning, there’s a very real possibility that you’re just going to get bricked any time you do anything aggressive by literally almost anyone who tries to do it to you. This is going to be like if everyone was host, but worse than that.

GoW3 felt fast until they updated it to 60fps — that game is not that fast lmao. It’s almost going to be a neccessity to tune the weapons in Gow2/3 (J is fine, goated MP needs no tuning) and when they do this tuning the likelihood of them getting it wrong and basically turning it into another GoW5 seems incredibly high to me.

I can see it now in my minds eye —

Gears of War 3 title update #1

  • Reduced Gnasher rate of fire by 0.9 Milliseconds

  • Widened Gnasher Spread

  • Reduced Gnasher Damage and Range (Insert graph which initially looks meaningless but equates to your full spread shots from 4 meters doing 61% damage)

I still don’t think its real but I dont think anything will stop me from getting it. But they need to rebalance some things in Gears 3’s versus. The rifles in that game need to either be toned down or the stopping power needs to be toned down.

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I personally don’t want them to all play like Gears 5. Some tuning is ok, but I think it’s ok if they all play a little different.

People aren’t gonna like getting downed by a few retro bullets in this new age of Gears. No one liked it back then either.

Not that I necessarily disagree, but I think that sets the expectations way too high. So high that disappointment is all that’s left.

While I’d expect some minor tweaks, I have doubts that the level of coding, play testing, etc to completely redo at least 2 and 3, much less Judgment with center screen shooting and alt controls, is feasible.

I suppose we could hope for some thoughtful balances, but then is the payoff worth the studio costs? I just can’t imagine a collection would be so popular as to justify that kind of overhaul.

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I saw a video on YouTube earlier today. It was some sort of Xbox live stream and they mentioned it on there. It seems like they’re not trying to hide it.

Yeah but its just some dude that won’t say his sources lol the guy has no more credibility than me hopping on a podcast saying that.


If it’s console only honestly. I don’t plan on buying a XSX after playing on PC.

Considering Microsoft’s PC initiative since Phil took over, I highly doubt such a collection would be Xbox-only.

Honestly, considering Gears 1-3 already got a 4K/60FPS update on Series X, the only reason such a collection would exist is to finally get the games to PC players.


I play both koth and tdm on Gears 3 weekly if not daily (with populated lobbies) and I still get taken aback by the ttk with the retro and Lancer especially the insane stopping power. Gears 5 Lancer is so/too weak in comparison but still might be preferable to G3’s.

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If they redone all Queen Myrrah’s lines with new actress. Yes, it obviously wouldn’t happen so there’s absolutely nothing that would stop me getting the collection.

It would be amazing to see Nexus in 4K glory. In fact Gears of War 2’s whole Campaign would be amazing.

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I have Game Pass, so…

Haven’t purchased a Gears game since 2016. :sunglasses: