What would make you let go of the gears of war franchise

Let me just say that this is not about gears 5. What would make you stop playing the series though? For example, I have zero interest in the next god of war sequel because I much rather enjoyed the hack and slash nature of the original series than the defensive, much slower pace of the newer one. Same with assassins creed, I’m not buying the viking one if it is just more origins and odyssey. To be honest the only reason I beat odyssey is because I played on easy with everyone four levels below me.

It would have to be Doom eternal,Not being disrespectful to Tc thou

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Gears 5, if it stays like it is in the Tech Test.

Apart from that, I can’t see me ever leaving the Gears Franchise due to how good the OT is.


I’m unsure if anything would stop me playing Gears. I have been playing since the Vic 20 (Commodore) and during that time I have had nearly every console and played thousands of games and yet nothing has come close to the feeling I get when playing Gears. Actually on a serious note, it would probably have been better if I never played it ,as to be frank no other game comes close to frustrating me as much as Gears!

To be honest I was more of a campaign and then Horde player with 1 and 2, I do remember being blown away by Gears 1 campaign and I was not a “shooter guy” likewise with 2 and then Horde. But 3 was the game that totally hooked me in. It would have to be my favourite game ever. It is perfect.

…anyway back to “letting go” there is nothing.


I don’t think I’ll fully leave. At most I won’t buy the next game on release and wait for the price to drop a few months down the line, or buy second hand. I did that with Judgment and didn’t buy it for 6 months. I only played the campaign and a bit of Overrun and didn’t put anywhere near the same amount of time into it that I did for say, GOW2 or GOW4.

Nothing. I will not leave the Gears franchise. Been a “Veteran Gears Players” since 2006. I’ll play other games over Gears sure. I’ll play Gears 5 for a week straight but when Borderlands 3 comes out, I’ll be busy with that and also Doom Eternal later on. It’ll be a tough year for gears for me.


Gears is one of my favourite game series of all time,the only thing that could turn me away is if it would become online only.

Sorry I stopped reading after this :rofl::rofl::rofl:


When GTA 6 comes out. Which is probably years away.

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@Krylon_Blue :joy:

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If it played like Judgement.

I still think Judgement was a fun game lol.

What would make it play like Judgement? There is primary and secondary weapon switch in options, which could be re-mapped to Y. Then that would seem like Judgement version of switching weapons.

I dont know i skipped it, but everyone says it was too arcady whatever that means. Im all about that shotgun battle, and I loved the Tech Test.

I actually have my Elite controller settings with Y mapped out to D-pad so I can weapon switch. I think Judgement improved things with that switch.

Judgement had shotgun battles too. There would have to be Declassified Campaign, character locked classes in MP, armour skins and have quick switch / throw control scheme to even relate to Judgment. But so far, only the Arcade mode in Tech Tech feels a little Judgment’ish. Not that it’s bad. It’s this character / class locked thing in Arcade and Escape. And no DBNO would qualify as Judgement IMO. But downs exist in Tech Test.


I just view Arcade as a separate experience. I
Would play it to work on weapon accuracy with uncommon weapons. But I spend most of my time in KOTH, and for me it seemed improved from
Gears 4. The improvements for me were:
Map Size
Shotgun Accuracy
Lancer Accuracy
I like the new Ranking system if it works ( seemed buggy)
And I absolutely loved the Smokes.
I also felt movement reaction was more natural

Now i didnt see the game operate at Diamond Rank. So I cant comment that far. I dont really know what competition I was facing. But it felt good to me. Felt like there is a lot of potential to be the best in the series. The Gnasher is really the key for me.

I actually had pretty subpar movement speed in Gears 4. Im just now starting to work on that. I achieved Onyx 3 only due to strategy and my Gnasher/Lancer Accuracy/Aim speed. If i could move better I am convinced I would make Diamond. And i was able to wall bounce immediately in Gears 5, something I still cant accurately do in Gears 4. Whether its as useful in Gears 5 I cant speak for. But I felt like i could slide/bounce just as a reaction, instead of a twitch like movement constantly readjusting your view.

When I get bored of it. At which point I’ll shrug my shoulders and quietly find something else more worthy of my time.

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If ranked is unplayable due to everyone turning off crossplay or TC having too strict of matchmaking policies.

Or if the Gnasher doesn’t feel like Gears anymore (probably will never happen)