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What would make Gears 5 versus great again (imo)?

Been playing gears since 1. It’s quite simple to make the game great again. This game wasn’t made for the fortnite/cod crowd. They’re trying to push it like that for the money. My opinion on what would make it great again:
(In no particular order)

  1. Bring back old maps.
  2. Remove new maps/re-work them
  3. Reduce shotgun power ( GOW 4 Competitive tuning, would encourage strafing and more movement)
  4. Remove all aim assists
  5. Speed up wall bounce/ change mechanics ( somewhere in between 3/4)
  6. Bring back the gore
  7. All OG characters for free as a sorry
  8. Reward based skins e.g. 100 Head shots in versus, they don’t understand that more people would play the game to grind out rewards)
  9. Mixture of old gears sounds (shotgun, head shots etc…)
  10. More shotgun bullets
  11. Remove current melee
  12. Increased transition speed (better for close combat shotgun battles)
  13. Remove stopping power

They made a game for the casual audience while forgetting about the vets for a quick buck, They didn’t realize that this game was made and built for hardcore competitive players who supported the game for the skill it required.


Rebalance horde and escape and keep at new maps… most things are actually fine passed the small damage/grenade bugs… and lack of content balancing.

If it never existed.

I think you are misunderstanding their motives or underestimating their thinking.

This was not a mistake, this was a thoughtout, analyzed, researched, debated, and ultimately agreed on strategy: to sacrifice the gaming experience of established loyal fans of the franchise in favor of helping new players to get their 6 “kills” per game - thus creating a new pool of fans, to replace the old guard.

They have pretty much given up trying to pretend otherwise and both Ryan and Dana have explicitly said things to support this.

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Your entire list except 3. I prefer Core Tuning. Anyway, with the addition of:

  1. Restore the OG Omen, at least as an option.
  2. Restore executions to Y, including the Curb Stomp.
  3. Remove excessive weapon recoil.
  4. Give me back my damn Hammerburst.

YES, i completely agree with what you’re saying. Thankfully the game was a bust. Imagine if the game was a success, they would ignore everything us (vets) want and just throw more skins for twice the price. The game is a middle finger to those who supported this game since the beginning of gears .


Has the game gone bust, though? We know the Steam numbers have plummeted, do we have any numbers re xbox users?

I know the Gears 5 xbox one x bundle was reduced in price to $100 below the plain xbox one x (Cad$) for a while but now its back to the same…

It’s a very poor and even insulting position as one might think that they are considering the new generations as foolish players and without criteria, who accept any kind of garbage.

Gears was never a game focused on casual gamers.
It’s a crude, violent and addictive game, which with Gears 4 led to an almost perfect gameplay, but which has now been ruined in the worst possible way.

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Ryan definitely made many statements which begun with “the data shows that…” when trying to explain/justify the changes…


Maybe not going bust but i’m pretty sure it’s on a steep decline. Why else would the coallition suddenly take interest on what the community has to say?

You nailed it right here…

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