What would I want to be in Gears 5 (PC Players)

  1. I would like the PC version to have a BOX version for sale because the thought that every installation I have to download the game until I measure it (because the Windows Store often breaks downloads and resumes after a while with very low download transfer).

  2. The Collector’s Edition for PC players in the physical version was released and what was in it? among others:

  • Kait figure
  • Art book
  • Seasson Pass
  • Poster for the wall
  1. Lack of the possibility of blocking playing with console players and PC in ranked matches and the usual ones, if not then in what case it is supposed to be and in 5 parts block-playing with console players and PC, let this part be released on Steam in that case.

  2. It would be nice if it was a map editor for PC players as it was in the first part of Gears of War, and for example whoever made a nice map could start in a competition which map could be added to the game created by a fan.

Point 3 and 4 are really good and I’d agree with them. But a box version is just a no sadly, I hope MS improves windows store and compresses the download file size more.

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1). Box version no. Thunderbolt 3 version, Yes.

Either that or MS need to up the servers to max out my connection.

2). I see people really like collectors edition however I feel no desire for them and so don’t care about this. What I will say is, just buy the Xbox version for the collectors edition because it allows you to play the PC version anyway.

3). Agree.

4). Would be useful as the community always brings about amazing mods.

My wishes are that they sort out Crossplay and just allow Xbox players to use M&K so no excuse for a toggle.

Secondly, Dual GPU Support. PC version needs it for high res and high refresh rates.


Surprise! Another PC player who wants xbox players to have to suffer through their nonsense. Youre lucky they even allow crossplay at all. Pretty much every other developer has been smart enough not to do this. Even former Gears Dev Epic is against this.

The day Im forced to play with PC is the day I quit this franchise.

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I do not know if you know, but console players can already play Gears of War 4 on the keyboard and mouse … so I do not see the reason why this would still be blocking PC players in ranked games with PC players.
I would not mind Crossplay’s absence if Gears were released on Steam and not on the dying Windows Store platform with the archaic Xbox App on PC.
Because on the current platform Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and 4th part has a extinct community of PC players and does not even go in the ranking match to find a good hour and a half of the match lately … and in Ultimate Edition is already there at all the chapel is

Yes, I definitely know. Been playing Gears on console for years with no problems. But all of a sudden TC decided to ignore a few decades of common knowledge and merge our platforms. Social games get jacked up enough from PC players who dont belong there, and in no way will I ever support crossplay in ranked matches. And every time one of these threads pop up amongst the PC community begging TC to force ranked matches to include your limping community, I feel obligated to speak up for the console players who dont need or want you.

I wouldnt care so much if M&K were separate from gamepad, but since they arent Ill stay in full opposition of ever forcing PC players on console players.

You sound like you have a lot of anger and a chip on your shoulder from these posts.

Just because you choose to/can only afford to play on a Xbox, doesn’t mean that other platforms have to suffer or should suffer.

I understand if you don’t have the skill to compete against dedicated players that are on PC.

You do not need to worry.

They would most likely not be paired with you anyway.

But it always makes sense to have a bigger pool of players.


I guess you are a silver/gold 1 ranked player who still plays default scheme and with thumbs and can’t keep up with Onyx or above regardless of platform.

If you are Onyx+ you shouldn’t have any real trouble. Are you on a monitor or high input lag TV?


I see that you have not read my post to the end.
I wrote in it that I have nothing against crossplaying if 5 part of Gears was released on the Steam platform, because if the PC version will be released only again on the Windows Store with the social application Xbox to PC players will again have a Multiplayer graveyard.
Steam could increase the community of PC players and Microsoft by publishing Gears of War on its platform only kills it…

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Didn’t they do this for 4?

I think the reason most turn it off is because they are afraid of the aimbot cheater that are few and far between.

If they did it the other way around and made it so that PC players could only use a controller I think more xbox players would leave the switch on.

If you think that on the gamepad you can not make a program that will have aimbot, wallhack and speedhack then you’re in a big mistake.
It will not do anything… the one who wants it even on the console can buy hacks, break the security and play with illegal software even on the console

Yes that is obvious with the state of old call of duty games. What im saying is those xbox players that aren’t afraid of cheaters would be more willing to play with pc players if they thought they were on an even playing field.

Not saying that kbm is better or worse than controller its just personal preferance as far as I’m concerned. Not everyone is like me though, some people think that kbm gives you an advantage over their controller. These types would be more willing to play with pc players if pc players were limited to a controller as they are.

Giving xbox users the ability to use a kbm setup would primarily do the same thing but yeild less results in my opinion as alot of pc players already use a controller anyway. The mouse always seemed way to sensitive and twitchy for me so I started using a controller well before I had an game console.

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