What would Horde 4.0 look like?

Ok I’m not sure how everyone like their horde system in Gears 4. I just want a different system maybe instead of unlocking cards. We can just have customizable characters with class that we pick. And some kind of currency you win from completing waves. We can use that currency for upgrading cheaper fortifications and skills.

I like this idea, though I would prefer to have loadouts rather than classes. Allow every player to pick up double power during the wave.

Edit: I also would love Mutators to make a return

If the class system and skill cards remain, then I would want all skill cards to be unlockable through game play. For example achieving certain things like “get X number of kills using Y weapon”, and then leveling them up can also be done by game play. If Horde Gear Packs are to remain then that could be another option too, but game play should form the core.

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