What works in Competitive

Wanted to start playing some escalation but unsure of the tuning. What works up close? Pop shot, blind fire or aimed/precise shots?

Get uncomfortably close and your gnasher should be fine any way you shoot it.


Maybe try play some comp warmup first

Move after you shoot with the idea that downs take 3 or 4 shots and you can’t just stand and gib like in core.

Thanks for feedback

You have to whiplash your gnasher shots a bit off-center just to get that sweet gib. If you shoot them directly like down the middle, you will do 10% damage per shot. You kind of have to lead your shot a bit, kinda like halo but very up-close…and much faster paced.

Play the 2v2 mode first, if you really want to get the gist of gnasher in comp tuning.

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When it comes to close range it doesn’t take 3 or 4 shots to down someone in Comp. Unlike Core though, you can’t snipe people from long range with the Gnasher and get rewarded with heavy damage. This is the most common complaint is see from people that are primarily Core players. In Comp, there is a steeper damage drop off the further you get away that IMO defines the guns purpose more (close range weapon) and promotes other weapon usage. The actual GIB range though feels almost identical to me between the two. Biggest difference I notice in Comp is people hold their shots a lot more as they try to get in one shot range knowing that the Gnasher is less effective further out. Good players will get the enemy to react (shoot early) and than step into one shot range before the enemy can fire again. In Core, which i rarely play anymore, I generally stay at range since i can have success with almost any weapon here.

As far as firing technique, I primarily hip fire. On occasion I hard-aim when the situation calls for it. This game relies a lot on speed and beating your enemy to a reaction, and hip-firing is the fastest way to get your shot off. Ive never been big on pop-shotting as i feel like it causes a lot of people to swing their camera in intense situations. Also its slower than the hip-fire.