What will be your platform of choice?

I have a top of the line gaming rig with 2080 TI but i have also ordered the Gears 5 xbox x with controller and Hard drive i have heard you can opt out of Cross-play so im thinking i will play it where majority of players are xbox but dunno what are your guys thoughts.

I also played Gears 4 on PC and dont not encounter that many cheaters but the game was pretty dead in PVP terms.

Edit Will be playing on PC then when the game has a lower population during less peak times will switch to console as the game is easily triple the pop of PC… GAME IS GOING TO BE INSANEEEE ON MY RIG

xboxx one and opt out of crossplay in versus. mouse + kb is an unfair advantage over controllers.

To be honest mouse and KB is not an advantage. Gears controller is better for bouncing etc. They will also remove the opt out soon.


did you play the tech test? rifles are stronger than ever and mouse will always be a hundred times faster at aiming then a controller wether you using a sniper, gnasher or any rifle. wall bouncing is even easier with a mouse…

Gears is mostly about movement. Someone who is good at bouncing and moving will always beat someone who is just good at aiming.

Just look at the best Gears players.

My PC would struggle to run pong so I’ll definitely be playing on xbox.:potato::computer::no_entry_sign::computer_mouse::video_game:

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Lol thats fair enough i think console no matter what PC you have is best option as you can opt out of cross-play and the population on console is way way way higher than PC no matter if the game is on steam. Console pop will still be way higher

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I dont know why you think movement is worse using mouse and kb. rotating/aiming is way accurate using a mouse than a thumb stick there for rotating and landing shots accuratly while wall bouncing is easier on pc it’s not even up for a debate. best players are on console because 99% of gears 1-4 players are on xbox.

I’ve played gears 4 with a gaming mouse, extra buttons remapped to A on the mouse gives a huge advantage because of how it is easier to be more accurate in high sensivity control settings compared to a thumb stick. I hope there will be somekind of indication when someone is on pc in versus and you wil see for your self :slight_smile:

I dont think you understand i was onyx on PC and have used mouse and kb at a high level in other games. Gears does not rely on that as much as COD etc. For instance Shroud may have god aim but i promise you i would clap him 1v1 using a controller.

Gears is 70% movement and knowledge and 30% gun skill


Some people just dont get

Yes at a very solid level like CSGO etc i know very much how it works.

Just saying Gears is not based on raw AIM

People discussing m/kb vs controller are ignorant, and off topic, as Gears 5 on Xbox One has m/kb support. The discussion is which platform of choice, not which control method of choice.

I’ll be going with PC for higher framerates and FoV.

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100% true. Cross play shouldnt be a thing. If they want ti separate the player base at least do it by input.


Because it is.

Diamond 4 on Xbox One and PC. I’d whoop someone whether they’re using PC or Xbox.

Going PC. 2080ti running 144+FPS > 60fps.

PC. One X is nice but the audio, visuals, and response are better on my pc.
Main question is what screen I’m playing it on. For campaign I think the 4k hdr oled is preferred, even though the frames are limited to 60. If I want performance I have a 1440, 144/165hz monitor.


reads title
Oh boy this won’t end well.


Google Stadia…


Apple Arcade bruh

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OnLive is where I’ll be. Until I realize it was shut down years upon years ago and just play it off the Windows Store.

I have an X console, but I only ever use it for exclusives and the Game Pass/GWG freebies. Or on random occasions like Control because on PC you’re limited to the Epic Store. PC just fits my lifestyle so much better for the games I’ll be playing a ton, since multitasking is a huge necessity for me.

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PC probably 80% of the time, with a controller b/c controller is better. More comfortable sitting at my desk when I want to go try-hard mode. Xbox One X 20% of the time when I feel like playing on the big screen, with crossplay enabled of course b/c I’m not a little b**** who doesn’t understand the game lmaoooo :rofl: