What will be the packs this week?

Will it be a return of an existing pack, or a new pack?

Any predictions?

My guess is an old pack, it probably is but there may be a surprise who knows :smile:

Im guessing it will be the lambent stuff

Well the recent update was supposedly for new pack data, so I’m hoping it’s something new.

I honestly wish they’d bring back the Lambent pack lol. Still missing that damn Drone!!!

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well tough luck on that one they said on stream the lambent wont be back for a VERY long time

Doubtful. They said during the last developers stream that the Lambent skins won’t be back for a very long time.

Karn was supposedly leaked, but no time frames has been mentioned as to when this will be released.

TC have said that in terms of character skins the focus is on creating variations of existing characters. The reason is that creating these skins is time consuming work, and if they can cut out doing brand new voice work then it makes it easier for them. They didn’t specifically say we wouldn’t get proper fresh new characters that aren’t already in the game, but it was hinted that it’s unlikely, or there won’t be very many of them.

Locust characters can recycle voice work, so in presume they were referring to human characters. Having said that the likes of say Onyx Guard are unnamed characters so don’t need a specific voice actor unlike say, Prescott, Valera or Jace, so these ones are more likely (in comparison).

That would actually be great. I hope it is, but it seems too soon. They will probably make a return in the coming months, maybe Halloween. I hope at least.

i dont trust leaks i remember the hype for the leaked halo-spartan skin and then people actually got upset that TC didnt put the skin in the game

a skin that some random guy fake leaked got people upset at TC so until TC announce karn themselves i wont expect him, i personally want a new COG pack

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Am I right in thinking that the Karn leak came about from several players seeing an image of Karn mistakenly plasted onto the Rise Of RAAM packs in the card/pack store on the official Gears site? If so it seems credible whereas the Halo ones always seemed very questionable.

Correct. The Karn thing sounds legit. I’d be surprised to see that much work put into a character right now but the pack skin was leaked sooo…

I think it going to be the rise of raam skin because TC promise that it will come back with the 2000 or 400 credit option.

Rise of RAAM came out 3-4 weeks ago with credit options

Yeah but they had said they wanted to give us two credit-pack options (400cr and 2000cr) but there was a last minute muddle and they could only give us a 2000cr one.

I don’t really believe this.
The Karn image on the Rise of RAAM Pack could have been a section from the comics/graphic novel.
But this doesn’t mean that Karn is coming or that the character model was already created or made.
It was just a picture illustration, nothing more.

New packs are normally last week of the month.

Prior to that, it’s all returning packs it seems.

At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

Feel free to correct me though.

I know it came out but it was only 400 credits and tc promise they will do a 2000 and 400 credit pack together.

There’s never really been a consistent pattern since March (2018).

In 2017 the pattern was new packs were released in the first two weeks (400cr one first; and 2000cr one after, with re-releases of those two same packs genetally alternating in the 3rd and 4th weeks.

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yeah people are just grasping at straws atm because his face was on the rise of raam box but i’m pretty sure that was just a slight nod to karn rather than a hint since karn has never had a multiplayer model i dont think it’ll be any time soon if at all even if we do get him

Completely agree,

I believe it is a section of the comic as I believe shadowz showed it on his video.

I haven’t read the comics but I’m told the image of Karn features in the comic. The question is, why or how did that image end up on the gear pack? I’m not a web designer or games developer, but it just seems odd that the image of Karn ended up anywhere near the card store at all! They obviously used sections of the comic depicting Sraak and RAAM for the Rise Of RAAM pack, but don’t understand why TC would have scanned and uploaded images of Karn and applied it to a gear pack unless they intended to use it. I guess we’ll find out in the coming months!