What were they thinking with the Cold Blooded Execution in featured?

Talon and Snub get the same execution with the Boltok-sound.But why?


It was either an oversight or just rushed out and will be fixed in the near future.

How would you fix it though? I guess it kinda makes sense with the Snub, but the Talon doesn’t make much sense with the way it’s animated.

I figured you’d just fix/change the sound.
Surgical procedure on the Retro doesn’t make much sense either but no one cares about that, they just didn’t use it.
Just don’t use it on the Talon if it bothers you.


Oh, I won’t. Only bought it for the lulz. It’s hard to beat the Gears 2 curbstomp.


Hey there,

We have a bug logged in and chasing this up, I’ll add it to Trello :slight_smile:


While you’re at it throw in a request for the Gears 2 Curb-stomp pack for the Lancer, Gnasher & Snub. :wink:

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Or just all the weapons please

Bring back the golf swing for gnasher!

The sound is what you are worried about?

Snub and Talon should not blow up the entire face, even at this close range. These are weak guns.
Make zero sense.

Since Boltok is a revolver, that seems possible.

Agreed. That is the execution I have set for my snub.

The gore has never been down to that level in Gears, albeit I think it is stupid how bodies fall apart like they are made of jelly and some weapons take heads off completely when they shouldn’t, things which TC made even worse in Gears 5. Examples would be EMBAR and Boltok taking heads off completely in Gears 4 on a headshot but for some reason the Swarm enemies and Rejects completely blow to pieces when you headshot them with those weapons in Gears 5. Perhaps some things like assault rifle headshots were done with visual feedback in mind but I don’t see anything against an option to make the gore physics less stupid(or make more sense because I don’t see how a Boomshot explosion that shoots off two locked heavy steel doors with absolutely no issues and sends one off several meters leaves big body chunks around).


Exactly, very true.