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What We Don’t Want in Gears 5’s Multiplayer


(chainsawsquirel) #111

lmao, I hated the humans on AI, they’re so damn trigger happy. Even when you’re backing away from them they just immediately shoot you. I deliberately call the alien in by throwing noise makes and flares at those plebs coz of how stupid they are. Or sometimes I just make them take shots at me and get into cover and let the alien do the rest.


Like a halo sticky grenade…lmao

(XxxFIYAxxX) #114


The burst fire of the hammerburst in Gears 4 ruins it for me. Also the digger was a favorite, you can remove the Enforcer.

(Admire Vanity) #115

I agree with everything you mentioned except enforcer. It’s well balanced and a handicap for new players coming in. On top of that you can’t use it in certain modes.

(VaPoRiZe aD) #116

GoW2 Hammerburst took the most skill of them all, that was the best HB as well in all of Gears.

(draXXos) #117

Valid points, except of the 4th.

One reason why Gow became IMO so boring / one sided is the fact that the developer listened to hardcore gow fans when it came to weapon variance. One example is the sawed off. As much as i hated it, it gave the game some fresh air and was admittedly funny to use. Why not leaving it in the game as a pick up weapon instead of having always the same wallbouncing or strafing challenges, which only a few ppl in the gaming community enjoy? Why not offering more - i m the last one who would use guns as the retro or sawed off, but at least they add variety to the game and some tactical aspects, instead of the same lancer / gnasher fights.

So what i want from gow 5: more diversity and a game that speaks to more than 1 or 2 kinds of players.

(Ess DAIFROXxx) #118

Una pregunta cuándo saldrá Gratis 5??

(J4CKA1) #119

Pregnant cucumber.

(GB6 Kazuya) #120

Contrary to common portrayal, I hear they’re rarely hormonal and very reasonable.

(xNinja9) #121

Wow, nailed it. Yeah i hate repetition too, same gnasher and lancer fights got too stale for my taste. They should have kept the sawed-off. The hammerburst should have never been changed to a pickup, but it loadout, terrible choice. I really hope we have more shotguns or for god sake give us the sawed-off back.

(DJ NME) #122

This!!! The bits in G4 look like something off quake 64 compared to G1.

(Lambent Lucky) #123

When teams get down they abuse the enforcer. The weapon has no place in ranked unless its a HB/Enforcer pickup. The insane skins were a little over the top and excessive also a waste of the devs time IMO. Those resources could have been used to improve player experience and not cosmetic.

(TGLT Clutch) #124

we don’t want an additonal 50ms input delay on Gears 5 multiplayer like gears 4.(Xbox one)
Unlike UE which was a masterpice and responsive, just wish it had crossplay to support the playerbase.

(Hot Chili Fries) #125

Sorry, idk who this “we” you speak of is. There are plenty of people, including myself, that enjoy having a large variety of skins such as the Wrestler, Zombie, or color blast. Just because you don’t want it to return, doesn’t mean the thousands of players who do like them don’t.

They most likely keep track of what skins get used and how often, and zombies, color blast, and silly variations of Oscar are some of the most common skins I see on the daily. So you think they should remove them just because you and a few other people don’t like them? lol

There are parts of this game or any other game that I also don’t enjoy, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to act like everyone else feels the same way. Requesting the removal of game features that clearly thousands of other players enjoy just because of your own personal feelings and perspective is just selfish and will not improve the game in any way.

(ca11um 98) #126

I clearly put above my list: The Things I don’t want in Gears 5. The title was made so people could list the things they dislike as a reply so TC could get a rough idea of what worked and what didn’t.

Commenting that on this thread is idiotic and will not improve the thread in any way.

(chainsawsquirel) #127

Im personally not a fan of all the ostentatious weapon and character skins, they really kill the vibe in gears. I mean I love skins, but TC should at least make some effort to make them a little more tasteful or in line with the games own aesthetics. Stuff like the violence skins I think are great, or the raam, myrrah, golden gear, jack or carmine skins all fit in nicely.

Stuff like trippy and bubbles just make me cringe, and they’re so common too. I mean, it’d be great to see silly stuff like that in the game occasionally but only as like a special event or a super rare give away maybe. Dare i say it, but i think even the midnight omen or the flaming skins should be regulated this way, as cool as they are, better to keep them as a rare novelty. Otherwise they’re just not special anymore and the novelty just dies.

That’s only half the problem tho if you ask me. I’ve said it on the old forums so many times and put up threads about it, but gears has lost it’s original vibe and it’s become really cartoony looking these days. Kinda reminds me of TF2 now, especially since the characters appear to be made out of pure muscle now, no bones, no brains, no guts or lungs or internal organs. Still, TC didn’t listen back then they probably wont listen now.

(III EnVii III) #128

The more skins the better.

The variety and combinations is a good thing.

Being limited makes it less interesting.

(Duffman GB) #129

I enjoy the skins but agree to a lot of them being terrible. They have to fill loot boxes though i suppose.

In fairness some of the dynamic skins are excellent.

(Psyco Sausage) #130

FACTS!!! There was more balance to the game when people had to active reload at the right time! Before there was an AMMO price to pay if you wanted to go into battle with active bullets. Active reload used to be like a battle boost when you are (IN BATTLE) already and you come out on top as opposed to now! SMH The rifles are out of hand BECAUSE people can active reload ANYTIME they want!!! Sighhhhh,

(TACO MALL) #131