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What We Don’t Want in Gears 5’s Multiplayer


(DeNy HiiPower) #42

I personally like 30 seconds and I was a fan of 60 seconds after pick up like in GOW1. I’d be cool if they made explosives take a bit longer to respawn than everything else. I’d still consider 45 seconds for everything an improvement though.

(III EnVii III) #43

I think they should try 45 seconds though, it’s the perfect balance.

(sancris777) #44

To me, I think purple plated weapons are okay or even pink weapons but when i saw the colorblast characters I think TC is just completely overdoing it. Same as with the abundance of gold weapon skins in the game

(TheDarkLived) #45

One thing for sure: loot boxes need to be remove. Also, better connection and better maps (more like Mansion, River,… small).

(NV Brutal) #46

if those are your biggest concerns with gears then you must not play often lol alot of other issues need to be fixed first before they even start working on the cosmetic stuff.

(III EnVii III) #47

But Cosmetics are the most important thing in the game!

(ca11um 98) #48

Then list them. Those are my biggest issues with the game. And this is more about features that they could bring back that we don’t want, not bugs/glitches because they’ll obviously work on those.

(VaPoRiZe aD) #49

Remove deadzones & aim acceleration.

(SmokeyMr Flo) #50
  • The Black steel skin are pretty awesome and would be good if they kept them tho, but maybe instead of paying £8 for them, do it where its a reward of special packs and them cost like 50k or 75k credits, make people want to play and earn there coins nd get something rewarding.

  • Total agree with the enforcer witch, i mean iv seen loads of comments of people kicking off about it saying they hate it which i get but then other replying with " adapted’ which i do also get as you need to learn how to attack and defend all surroundings ( but i bloody hate it as a weapon )

  • Grenade tags i think is a skin and a bloody good one, especially if you can tag and stay alive, getting rid of that i think is silly, my as well get rid of knifing then but same as grenade tagging, its an awesome skin if you can do it and regally.

  • camping is a never ending story, it’ll never stop, in any shooter game, its a style that some people like and think its a skin, seeing diamond and onyx players who boast saying they’re awesome and all but camp is frustrating as they havent worked hard enough for it if they’ve just camped the whole time, but maybe a time limit or something where you have to move ??? i don’t know. would that help ??

  • certain chatters skin are awesome, but other are just silly and have no relevance to that character, iv personally have seen or hard oscar being a fan of wrestling unless i missed something i GOW4, colour blast too, i don’t see many if not any one use them unless your playing social and against bots, again. black steel as awesome and would be cool if they made a new kind of " Steel " character.

very excited and to what Gears 5 campaign has and hopefully its longer story / campaign to play asset as i wanted more from 4, but we will soon find out.

(chainsawsquirel) #51

Leave the enforcer in I say. Let the noobs have a bit of fun too. Doesn’t get abused nearly as much as the DBSO or retro did.

Agreed about colour blast, I want to slap everybody I see who plays with that skin.
Nobody likes RNG crates lol, literally nobody. It’s quite literally a giant “shut up and give me your money!!!” from TC.

(SmokeyMr Flo) #52

So true with the money situation, people asking on the gears live page the other night if gears pop for mobile was going to be free and they didn’t discuss it, guarantied they’ll charge for it !!!

(chainsawsquirel) #53

Here’s also what I don’t want in gears 5.
This crappy rump steak texture for a chainsaw cut, downgraded from the detail from gears 1 with the bones and internal organs. It’s so disappointing to see.

(CraziestSock) #54

I agree to an extent. I just want Jacinto back ffs.

(III EnVii III) #55

I just want River, Ruins, Depths, Process, Garden, Subway, Trenches, Day One, Allfathers Garden and a few others I can’t of right now back, I mean come on, not much too ask for is it …

(CraziestSock) #56

Not really but I would like new actually good maps too. I don’t know too many people that like any of the new maps IE Glory, Dawn, Speyer and Diner. They feel way too open with huge power weapons that over look hills in KoTH (minus diner and dawn) They need to get the map designers back from epic, because they at least made maps that people want to play. I still don’t understand how they could sell a season pass that gave us multiples of the same maps that launched with the game. Im looking at you Forge Blitz, Impact Dark, Lift Apex, and Reclaimed Windflare. To me that honestly just seems lazy as hell to use the same maps and give them to season pass holders.

(III EnVii III) #57

Yeah, I agree, we need the guys from Epic back. Man they made some classic maps :+1:

(CraziestSock) #58

For sure. I put so many hours into Gears 2 and 3 because of the amazing maps and then Coalition makes maps that are super blah.

(III EnVii III) #59

Same feels here.

Plus I still miss some Gears 1 Maps too.

(CraziestSock) #60

I don’t think bringing them back now would be too wise. I’m more into waiting for new maps so that you have to learn them again. If we go the maps back from gears 1 people would already know them and destroy the people that have no clue about them. lol

(III EnVii III) #61

New maps first then over time release them with full flyby videos so everyone else gets a heads up :raised_hands: