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What We Don’t Want in Gears 5’s Multiplayer


(Lambent Lucky) #21

Enforcer should be a pickup weapon just like hammy and retro. What makes it so special where it shouldn’t get the same treatment? I can’t even believe some of the comments saying they disagree with #4!!
As for me the tic rate on the servers have to be more than 30 or the MP will be a nightmare and the community will be in outrage. Would be completely unaccepted to have the same issues and kill trading.

(Toss My Floss) #22

Gears Of War:yum::yum:

(Ektope) #23

Because Enforcer’s effective Damage Range is pretty short compared to Lancer and Hammy.
It pretty easier to imagine that Lancer and Hammy are superior to Enforcer.

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #24

Not a fan of the enforcer but there is a risk. Retro from gow 3 was far range hi reward. I agree with the rest but i also say core and comp tuning need to go

(III EnVii III) #25

Well, that’s the problem, some like core some like comp - either way you are going to put off a lot of people.

(Ektope) #26

There could be a balance of both.
Every Gear games, we kinda had to get used to the newer tuning and Weapon Damage.
If they started off with just one tuning, everyone should get used to it.

(III EnVii III) #27

A hybrid may not be the solution though, that’s why TC went with two different options in the first place.

Unless they did a huge in game / social platforms vote on what people want to keep or even prefer …

(DeNy HiiPower) #28

Good points! I personally think that gnasher consistency should be the primary focus for GOW5 because it has been the center of every game. I feel like the logic of a whole team of people with hammerbursts is to powerful can be applied to every rifle. Just two people crossing with lancer on gow4 is pretty much an instant down. I say keep them all and just nerf them a bit, decrease damage or increase spread and recoil.


  1. 60 second weapon respawn - GOW4 is the only game to implement this and I think it was disastrous. Say a teammate picks up snipe on Gridlock and camps HB tower you probably are not going to get a chance with it until next round. Also in GOW3 it was perfect, you kill the person who had the weapon, it puts the weapon on respawn and the guy who had the weapon has one chance to kill you at the weapon spawn if he wants it back. Now with 60 sec timer you need to defend the spawn point at least one additional time, sometimes twice. Nothing angers me more then when I hold an enemy off and they comes back and kill me right when the weapon respawns…

(Milan89SD) #29

We don’t need a PC. All efforts switch to server’s and connection on Xbox, and that graphics be extra good and optimization on it’s best :slight_smile:

(DRGY55) #30

Bad skins and loot boxes=bad. Removing guns also=bad. Keep the enforcer as loadout, just balance it properly. Also bring back hammerburst, balance it properly, and get rid of the awful active reload system which is what helped break it in the first place. If we went back to old active reload system, it would help.

(III EnVii III) #31

I think it should be 45 seconds.

(III EnVii III) #33

I don’t understand why you are posting this everywhere …

(DastFight) #34

It was a laziest game design decision. Look at battlefield, CoD, OW. Many guns, many attachments. But TC said “Nah, I don’t want to think about game balance - I want to remove guns from load out and turn it into the Gnashers of War”.
Diversity is good thing. I don’t want to have only one gun that I could use when match starts.

(III EnVii III) #35


I want my HammerBurst back :+1:

(SaleemDaDream) #36

You don’t, you have 3. A lancer, pistol, and shotgun

(Ektope) #37

Not quite.
They would have removed Lancer and Enforcer from Starting Loadout too, but haven’t.

(III EnVii III) #38

TC should only let you have a Snub on Loadout.

(ca11um 98) #39

This isn’t Battlefield or COD. They don’t need to go chasing the trends of other video games. The point of Gears is to battle over power weapons, everyone starting off equal in weapons. If they keep adding new weapons to the load out, the power weapons will become irrelevant. We don’t need classes in every single game that has multiplayer.

(Guerrero Ultimo) #40

The one feature I would love to see removed is the “wall bounce”. No, not going from wall to wall. But the glitching around almost stationary and eating damage.

It ruins the game. We were losing badly and my son pulled that crap out and we end up winning. I will not use it myself. But to prove a point to my wife I did it in horde. I would just start a little slide but instantly cancel and move to the next slide. Repeated that and never went down on the boss wave getting hit a lot. You could see me getting hit as they watched and I ate damage. And online you will get kids and immature people who will do it and then taunt as they eat boom shot and tons of damage.

We had a player stand in the capture point doing this. The player never really moved other than the little flinch you could see from this. And this one player, the rest of the team was dead, ate 2 lancer magazines from me and my wife. All while eating several gnasher shots from teammates. Ended up killing all 3 of them, captured the point, and ran away. I can do it and it eats massive damage and is such a broken thing. Hope they finally fix it.

(ca11um 98) #41

What the hell are you talking about?