What We Don’t Want in Gears 5’s Multiplayer

I feel that after all the updates, TC have turned Gears 4 around and made it a pretty decent Gears game, but when it first came out as THEIR Gears game to show people that they knew what they were doing with the franchise, it was like watching someone who said they knew how to ride a bike without stabilisers instantly crash down a flight of stairs and break both their legs; from the zombies to the colour blast and lack of Locust, it was honestly just disgusting.

So, I’m making this thread to just note all the things that players don’t want to return in hopes that we have a better launch for multiplayer in the future.

The things I do not want in Gears 5:

  1. Zombies - they aren’t as bad now as they were to begin with since they now have voice lines, but I still feel like they don’t belong in Gears. I mean, right after Dom’s emotional death in 3, they bring him back as a zombie…

  2. Colour Blast - Just awful. Nothing more to say.

  3. Dumb theamed skins like Wrestler Oscar - same as zombies, don’t fit, should never have been made.

  4. Enforcer - admittedly, barely anyone uses it, but it’s still annoying. Gears doesn’t need anything close to classes for MP, it’s fine as is.

  5. Locking all characters behind loot boxes - this one’s obvious and I doubt they’ll change it, but loot boxes just ruined this game. If they do bring back loot boxes (they definitely will) they should at least have some characters that you earn through level progression, or achievements.


No.4 is the only one I dont agree on. I honestly didn’t see a lot if any request to remove the HB from loadout. If they remove it from loadout, we pretty much will be getting Gears 2.0, which this series doesn’t need regression. I’d prefer if they try to make the weapons work as loadouts rather than what TC did with the HB.


You must not have been looking. I hated the hammerburst as a load out. The only people that want it back are the people that run away and camp at the towers in Gridlock with hammerburst. It was way too OP to have a full team with it.


I agree with you and I disagree with No 4 also, we shouldn’t remove a gun just because some people don’t like it, it’s a weapon used by DeeBees in the campaign, unless they all get wiped completely but I’m sure there will still be some in use, and the weapons will still be there.

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What about the retro Lancer? That was used in campaign too, but it was removed because people didn’t like it. I wouldn’t mind the enforcer being a pick-up like the HB, I just don’t think it should be a load out weapon.


Number 4 is the only one I can’t support.

More guns, the better :+1:


I thought he meant removing it from the game overall.

I agree with every single one of your points.

I dont want grenade tags and I dont want grenades at all in KOTH games. I also think a new ranking system is in order

I suck with Burst Fire Hammy.
But I am OP with Rapid Fire Semi Auto Hammy.
TC should give me Burst Fire Hammy back as Starting Loadout, so I can have more practice with it.
Or bring Semi Auto Hammy for Gears 5, but as either Starting or Pickup Weapon.
I have the feeling that Burst Fire Hammy were great in PC user’s hands with using mouse for deadly accuracy on headshots.
And if they use Semi Auto Hammy on mouse, I’d laugh.

You’re talking like people don’t do this, but people still camp with just lancers which is boring as hell. Also takes no skill for a full team to sit and lancer the entire game. If that’s what you want to do go back to cod or fortnite.

This could also be said about the HB, but of course they had to make it a pickup.

Completely disagree with number 4, the enforcer is a risk / reward kind of weapon, while core makes it wacky, it’s still a good alternative to the lancer. Plus, the enforcer can easily be countered by the gnasher, if you can’t counter it then that in itself doesn’t really justify why it should be removed.

I don’t want to be forced to always use the gnasher or lancer. My preference IS ALWAYS lead out weapons.


Yeah, I know, but it was 10000x worse when the entire team had HB. I hate people that camp, but there’s not much that can be done about Lancer campers.

Agreed, there is a ridiculous amount of unnecessary characters.

The Enforcer can go as well, the Hammerburst should return full time.

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How about ‘unlocked all characters’ we know & love from the start & NOT charging micro transactions so we don’t have to play as some stupid robot or something

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Yeah, but that’ll never happen. Games today are built around micro transactions.

If TC follows a Griffin pattern, i.e. unlocking characters through challanges and only then selling them in lootboxes, i wont say a word. this is my one and only request.

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I like what they’ve done with the Griffin situation, give the opportunity to unlock a popular character by completing a challenge, and if someone does not complete it or is not available to while the challenge is out, they then have the opportunity to get him by buying him.

i agree with all of your points

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