What Was Your First Liked Reply

This is a silly thread… I like it.

After about 5 minutes of scrolling down, I finally got to my first liked reply… it has an awful spelling error that makes it hard to read and its actually about games on the PS4 because the topic was a general discussion about the upcoming E3. So, I won’t be sharing that one.

Here’s my second liked replay instead.

It was about the first trailer for Gears 5 that just dropped and this forum was DEAD.

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That was a long time ago!

I can’t think of anything more fitting for an English person than my first liked reply to be insulting the French.

I’m going to sit here, drink tea and eat crumpets while relishing in my mocking of the French.


I wish @TC_Clown was my first like…



You give me the most thumbs up…

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Just gave you another one

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@GhostofDelta2 gives me the most

You and @Aloha_its_Kyle are noticeably missing.


Sorry I don’t hand out likes. I have a ratio to uphold.


Idk about first but I know my fav:)


I see me

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(Marcus voice) “Nice”

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I have given 2.4k and recivied 4.3k. I would imagine most of my love is given to threads mentioning Gears 3, Sam and Myrrah :joy::wink::blush:

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im sorry man, I only like your comments because you mention Sam :joy:
I cant say the same about Myrrah though :flushed:

I share the love with everyone, and then there’s @AmicableWall421 who hogs up all the likes and never gives them. So selfish.

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I do rarely. That just makes them mean more to those that get them.

Not never. But finding one from me is probably about as rare as finding an alien in the universe. Well, this universe.

It does put me in the position of never having the issue of “running out” because the server decided the likes of any particular individual have hogged up enough digital space for the day. Not that it’s much to go by. And when it comes to forums, I generally prefer the words to the deeds of liking a post, or providing a downvote(which in my view isn’t always a great function, minus some specific cases, because users don’t have to provide a reasoning for the “downvote”, but if someone’s got an issue with something I said, they should be telling instead of pushing that button which doesn’t really tell me anything).


Here’s a like!

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Same as Kyle, there’s a ratio

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