What Was Your Favorite -non-Black Steel- Pack From 2018

My personal favorite was the Stalker Kantus pack with the Violence weapon skins.




Remind me what we got and I will tell you :slight_smile:


helmetless uir


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gasp Did you, Sir Tony, just say something positive about Gears?!? Tell me it isn’t so!

@Duffman_GB- I’m actually not sure…was hoping you guys would remind me lol

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Jan 2018 - Heavy Scion
Jan 2018 - DB Industries
Feb 2018 - Thrashball
Feb 2018 - Mardi Gras
Mar 2018 - Spectral
Mar 2018 - COG Officers
Mar 2018 - Big Rig Dizzy
May 2018 - Helmetless UIR
May 2018 - Griffin Weapons
Jun 2018 - Scavenger
Jul 2018 - NCOG Marine
Aug 2018 - Rise of RAAM
Aug 2018 - Lambent Locust
Nov 2018 - Kantus Collective
Dec 2018 - UIR Vanguard

I’ve left out the challenges just because they’re not packs.

For me, probably the Lambent Locusts based on the look and weapon skins. But the shenanigans (these packs were originally real-life money-only purchases before a last minute decision to make them available let for credits) immediately before release leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Big Rig Dizzy.


I’m quite disappointed in the packs lately, The UIR was the first official feature pack. First released around nov/dec 2016. Now about two years later they are being released again but helmetless versions first normal UIR green then the elite. I’d like to see some more characters that we haven’t seen yet, such as Recruit Clayton, Zeta Squad, Onyx Guards, I can carry on listing…

work smarter not harder = TC


I wouldn’t say it’s smart exactly.

Big rig dizzy.
Always been a massive dizzy fan and big rig was my main character on gow 3


Big Rig Dizzy for sure.

LIEUTENANT FENIX… what a badass.

Outer Wilds Kait after E3.

Stalker Kantus pack

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I love packs and characters but the only two I really liked in '18 were Dizzy and the Glowies. Not that I even used them much.

Was certainly a big let down in comparison to what we saw in 2017.

I also like Outer Wild Kait but I’m hesitant to even count that as a new character because it was a minor reskin.

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Dunno what the Pack was called but Palace Guard and (is it?) Theron Guard. Went into the Packs for the Palace Guard and bought the black guy with Scrap. Then got him later in a pack - Booooo!

Skin wise I have a lot of Zombie Skins that have a certain degree of camouflage about them. Actually I was p-ing about on Relic up near the Buzzkill - and an Oppo came right past me as a Palace Guard not moving. I just stood there and watched a Gnasher fight break out and remained unnoticed. Similarly when I was Last Man on a TDM on Forge I parked myself against some very visible scenery and had a good laugh as the Oppos continued to run round the map looking for me … running say 9 to 12 m away from me.

But I do roll with an Oscar wrestler variant with pink and purple bubbles.

Based on my gamertag, take a guess lol


Only coming back to gears in Feb after a year and a day away from it have to say the classic cog packs.
Getting to play as Dom again was great. He has been my go to character since gears 1. The only time I’ve changed from him in verses since I got him is when they did a black steel version of classic Dom so I now use one or the other in verses only. Using any other character now would be like cheating in my eyes. The weapon skin pack for the 11th Anniversary skins except for the custom lancer. Just to cool not to take

For locust it has to be the stalker Kantus packs and the violence weapon skin packs. Standard verses

Honourable mention goes to the rise of RAAM packs

Well at this point in the game’s life be happy that we’re getting any content at all

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