What was the pitch meeting for Gears 5 maps like?

I’m sure TC does these bad decisions on purpose because they actually hate the Gears community and want to see us get mad at everything the make.
Icebound: A map where there are 3 points of elevation with only 1 way in and the person holding that position has the upper hand. And it has literally no long range weapon to combat these CAMPERS but a Boltok? No Longshot or Markza.
Asylum: Pre-patch a random train would kill you more times than the enemy with little no way to beat it or avoid in mid fight.
Exhibit: Death laser that spawn at the most annoying times and rings in KOTH that make no sense. and not to mention the constant spawn flipping.
The “new” launch map are so irritating that the only creative value they have is to make the community rage.


Well it’s all part of reducing the skill gap and then probably trying to change something to make it different.

However, changing the fundamental elements of something that works fine in the first place… is a good way to either lose or gain support, (not that I thought much of Gears 4 maps anyway).

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Rod: You know people really like Gears of War?
The Board: Uh huh…

Rod: Well, what if we made the next games not that?
The Board: What?

Rod: Hear me out. It will resemble Gears but we will change just about everything so it’s not likable.
The Board: But no one will buy it?

Rod: We’ll get M$ to give it away but we partner with some junk food companies and make some movie studio tie-in pay for the whole mess…
The Board: Sold! Run it . Milk it.


“How do we make large, generic multiplayer maps with many lines of sight to allow for crossing and focus on ‘new rifle meta?’”

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Got to admit, the stupid ******* interactive maps (lasers & trains) are mentally stupid


I like some of the new maps, I like district, vasgar, I understand were you are coming from with asylum with the trains but i still think it works on the whole.

However, icebound in my opinion should be removed from the game. There is very little that I actually like about that map,

I think they should put some of the older maps into rotation, I think the new ones will go stale if they haven’t already.


Depends on the gametype, but to me it needed some time to be used to them but :

  • Asylum
  • District
  • Icebound

Are good maps, in Execution / Escalation it works, and they looks more or less like gears map (Really needed to get time to be used to Icebound tho …)

  • Vasgar
  • Bunker

Sorry but those maps are just terrible, Vasgar in Escalation / Execution, some parts of the maps are closed (the one way ramps), the map is round, not “really” simmetrycal like the usual gears maps, and it’s overall crap for most gametype since you can’t access most parts of the map quickly, and you are often blocked by opponents, which make you go back and do the whole turn of the map to get somewhere, it’s stupid.
Bunker, is as terrible, while most maps are somewhat a little smaller this one, is bigger than any other, with big open spaces, no places to take cover, most outer part of the maps are useless, differents parts of the map are not well connected, etc …

  • Exhibit

Map is okay, too small, ok/decent for some gametype, bad/too small for others, could be better, could be worse.

  • Training Grounds

Map is okay, feels like a gears map more or less, but imo contrary to other maps, everything is too closely connected, and it has more or less the same problems as Gridlock or Clocktower where it’s too easy to close / block the map, ending in some rifle stalemate if nobody comits, could be better, would be better if they didn’t ruined the rules of Escalation …

Imo needs at least 2 maps from the old ones in the games, to change the flow of gameplay if you do some games in a row, because 2 of those are never voted.

I like how people wanted more interactive maps in Gears 4. I even saw a Tech Test review video that said this exact thing. Its just, confusing.

Bunker, Icebound are not very good maps. I can take or leave Training Grounds and Vasgar. Exhibit, Asylum and District are the best 3 maps imo.

The problem people generally have is the number of maps, not necessarily the quality of the maps.

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Wait till they start charging for maps :joy:

This isn’t happening. They said maps would be free.

That’s why I miss some of the old maps like war machine. There was a chaingun up top, a boomshot in the middle and a sniper at the bottom. Each one kind of canceled out the others. The boomshot was the obvious prize but risky cause it was in between 2 cross fires. The chaingun had the high ground but very vulnerable to the sniper at the end. The sniper was good but you were down hill from everyone else.


Sarcasm dude. They said characters will be free as well, not entirely true, sure you can grind for each but you can still pay $5 for each one. And its 17.99 for the new terminator pack because of licensing.

They said they would be free. They just neglected to say you have to unlock them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dont mind grinding for them, but doing the same stuff 4 different times… :face_vomiting: im sure it’s intentional so players get soo bored or frustrated they just end up buying them :joy:


Probably. Also what happens when the next batch of chars drop? After they add more chars new players will look at this unlock system and be like “Im just getting into the game. That’s going to take me a long time to unlock it all. I better just buy them now” Were doing this stuff as it comes out. Any new players are going to feel left behind and overwhelmed.


You still need to grind for perk cards as well for horde and escape for each cog. :grimacing:

That’s exactly it, lol. The grind to get those characters is what will eventually make players spend to get them. I personally like the grind, but that’s only suitable to the players that enjoy the game enough, to play it that many times.

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I think bunker and icebound are not good maps for gears gameplay, the others I can take or leave. Vasgar I find myself getting flanked a silly amount of times, which is annoying too. As for the interactive sections, I think they make the game less competitive. As far as im aware, the train timing and lazer pattern is random, which just adds randomness and isn’t something that a competitive game should have.

The only map i really hate is icebound tbh, i liked it at 1st killing people with the ice before they can get drop/breaker, then get it myself when the ice refreezes… but then the campers in those top corners become an annoying problem

Vasgar, I get and understand your points completely, but i like it for biased reasons… the exact same reason some of my favs on 4 was Fuel Depot, Canals, Impact and Speyer… im sure you can figure out what all 4 of those have in common with Vasgar XD one of my fav weapons not gonna lie, love any map that has 2 cause then you only gotta race your team to it lol

Exhibit is an exception to that though, besides the fact that that gun being duel spawns only happens every other round, thats probably my 2nd least fav map on 5, thats KOTHs fault, whoever’s idea it was to make a ring be smack dab in the middle of random lazers is a genius (sarcasm) you fight like hell to clear the enemies out of the ring, just to get killed by a lazer when you try to quickly cap it…

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Yes as i said, i think Exhibit really depends of the gametype you play, i like it in Execution, but it’s terrible in Escalation, and i suppose it’s probably as terrible in KotH.

Also i understand why most people don’t like Icebound and i didn’t liked it aswell at the beggining but thankfully in the gametype i play there is no point and thus no problem with people staying top and lancering, it’s also often a losing move in Escalation and Execution (thankfully).
Otherwise the map is not that bad, but it suffers also the same problem as Training grounds, because when it does happen that both team lancer each other and camp because of people being top in both team, i find it very annoying that they are able to lancer people inside the middle thing through the windows … Idk i think the map is close to being good, i just feel it miss a couple key elements in that wide open space “bottom”.