What was the Life of Gears 4 Like?

Gears has been my favorite franchise for a long time, but due to some changes in my tech set up, and the unreal convenience of the Nintendo Switch, I hadn’t played GOW4 for nearly 2 years until yesterday. I had to find my Xbox I stowed away in some bag in a corner. And it’s as fun as ever, can’t wait to keep playing.

I just read a thread where people were ragging on the DLC for the game, and it just made me curious what the life of the game was like. Why were the DLCs received poorly? What complaints got TC to make changes to the game? What issues has the fanbase had for a while that still haven’t been addressed? What sorts of microtransactions were added and removed or changed?

If anyone has the time to give me the scoop, I’d love to read it.

TL;DR: What were the primary topics of communication and action between fanbase and developers throughout the life of Gears 4?

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Wow mate, you want a lot of info :slight_smile: Might be advisable to just read through some old threads ?

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The downsides overall I see for me personally are:

Health Doesn’t Regen while moving - major dislike.

Stricter Matchmaking for KOTH - the only mode I liked, just got killed off for the top players, especially in the EU.

Quality of Skins - some are good, some are bad. The skins onwards from esports 9 weren’t the best imo.

These are the issues I wish TC address - especially the the first 2.

The 3rd is more for Gears 5 now.

However - TC seem more disconnected than ever before, most likely as they will be concentrating on Gears 5 however that’s still a few months away and so a small tweak here or there would make a big difference.

Apart from that, I’d say it’s pretty much how you would have last saw it. Maybe some new maps if you missed them.

I know, it’s a big ask! I definitely will, but don’t have a ton of time to peruse right now.

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Health doesn’t regen while moving? I have played Gears 4 quite a bit and I never knew that. That’s strange. What happened with KOTH? What do you mean it was killed off?

Yeah there are some weird, goofy, tacky skins in this game. Lots of great ones though, and I appreciate the volume of skins. A few months away? Was it confirmed for this year? I guess so upon doing a search, wow. I am not ready for a new Gears already, nor am I ready to buy an Xbox One X, which I will want to play it. Oh well, that’s awesome it’s coming out so soon, I’m just not ready personally!

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Maybe give Escalation a go ? You might have to wait an age to get a game though, but a good compromise ?

Overall the Gears community is a bit disappointed with Gears 4 even though we do still find some enjoyment out of playing it.

Gears 5 should be a lot better simply because TC will have more experience this time around and a ton of data from Gears 4

Escalation has been dead for a few seasons, so that’s even worse.

TC just made KOTH super strict.

Here’s my thread on it:

They need to implement a rolling social KOTH lobby, like in 3. Which still has loads of players, I know you do not care for it however. Maybe in 5.

I don’t care for social tbh, I don’t mind it whatsoever being in the game, it’s just I wouldn’t play it - especially with bots.

I just thought it would be better to play KOTh than not. As for bots, usually on 3 we have full wings teams, depending on times of course. I do not play social on 4 (haven’t for well over a year) so not too sure

Edit. Why do you not like social, it is the same tuning after all ?

I see, I really enjoy Gears 4, and if the Xbox was a more convenient console for me to play I would have played just Gears 4 for years like I did with Gears 3, but I am optimistic about Gears 5. Like you say, TC has more experience, and in my opinion they by no means messed up Gears 4, it is a great game. I think it has a mediocre campaign and that would be my biggest complaint.

@III_EnVii_III Escalation is dead? That is sad to hear, I never really played it but was excited to give it a go. What are the most dead and most active playlists? I found Core Dodgeball matches no problem and of course Social matches no problem last night. Thanks for linking the thread, I will check it out!

TDM and Hill seem to be the most alive, depending on skill. I’m nowhere near diamond so I can generally get a game of either.

I couldn’t care less about tuning - whatever TC picks is fine by me. I just dislike the change in the Health Regen.

-there’s no challenge to social
-can’t play with more than 1 friend
-might have to go through modes I dislike
-1 round KOTH
-people joining and quitting
-high skill causing people to leave
-nothing to work towards

I’m sure there’s more…

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Depends on your region, I’m speaking for EU here and then also PC on top of that.

2v2 matches can be found during peak hours and TDM can be hit and miss.

KOTH is no chance even with a US player unless you go peak times but then it’s normally 11pm - 3am play times which are just unrealistic to commit to.

The people that are most upset with Gears 4 are those who have played the game for hundreds of hours because we get to see every issue in PvP.

You hopped on for a little and had fun that’s great but your opinion of “they by no means messed up Gears 4” reminds me of how I felt when the game was first released I’m sure with time you’ll begin to see the glaring problems with the game

EnVii claims to not care at all about tuning after the Universal fam gave him a thorough lecture about his misguided faith in TC and his belief that 2 separate playlists doesn’t divide the community

Who cares about Tunings when TC stop you from playing the game?

I did and still do believe that the two Tunings were a good idea for Gears 4 and hope Gears 5 continues with the same split between Core and Comp.

Why ? I would assume judging by the various Gears sites I visit, watch and read you are in a minority ? I prefer 1 tuning, due to it being “universal” and so that everyone can learn a playstyle, as for what it is I’m happy with either or indeed another version, but just one. It did us alright in several games.

Because which one do you pick?

That is the problem.

Core is the better, all round tuning that fits Gears.

Comp is more for esports and having a much weaker Lancer that isn’t much of a threat on its own accord - goes against what a primary weapon should be.

However - people are not going to agree on this.

So keeping 2 is the best way forward or you cater to one set of people and not another.

As stated - I don’t personally care because I can adapt however I much prefer Core over Comp although recently I don’t mind Comp as much as I did, I still find Core more to Gears style.