What was the correct action the Cog should've taken in Gears 1 and 2?

The lightmass bomb kills the krill but accelerates the Lambency process in Gears 1. Sinking San Jacinto spreads the Lambency at a much faster rate in Gears 2.

I might have missed it, but did they ever explain the seeming contradiction of Adam Fenix in 2; they find the recording of him saying they should sink the city, but at the end there’s a radio communication of him saying “What have you done?” in regards to it.

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What’s to say that the communication found in Nexus by Delta was not a fake created by Myrrah? Or Adam simply didn’t believe the COG would resort to such an extreme measure, since it would primarily have been done to kill as many Locust as possible and to counteract the Locusts’ own plans of sinking Jacinto before they were completed. But I don’t recall it being explained in the old Gears comics I have read, though I have not read the books. There’s some people who know more and would probably be able to guide you towards an answer or give you one outright.

OP, I understand/know that the Lightmass Bomb from Gears 1 was responsible for the spreading of Rustlung(the way that humans called the sickness preceding Lambency), but I never found any clues pointing towards the fact that the sinking of Jacinto also allowed Imulsion to spread/evolve faster. Unless the Lambent Brumak explosion was responsible for that.

And I don’t think there were any real better options for the COG in those scenarios.

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Maybe Adams plan all along was to ride the most killer wave in history, dude, and he was mad that nobody called him when they cracked the dam?

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Well, the COG as a whole weren’t really aware of the Lambent by that point(not counting the Wretches) so they wouldn’t have known about full effects of imulsion.

The only ones who did were Adam and Prescott, with the latter likely giving the go ahead in order to buy more time for the former to find a long term solution.

If I remember correctly, Prescott finds out about lambency shortly after the events that land Marcus in prison. Adam Fenix knew about it prior to E-day as he was trying to find a solution that would prevent the locust from coming up. Marcus was the leverage that Prescott used to make Adam continue his research in finding a way to deal with Lambency.

The recording of Adam in the Nexus was probably a recording of a conversation he had with Myrah. Adam had a communication transmitter in his lab at his house which he used to talk to the Locust. During the fight where Marcus was trying to rescue Adam, the Locust were actually coming to get Adam to take him to the tunnels where he was going to be made to continue his research. Marcus/Dom/Tai/(I think it was Jace) went to the house and fought off the Locust which ended with Adam getting buried under ruble and then being found by Prescott’s guard. He was then taken to Azura, and Marcus sent to the Slab which was a commuted sentence as he should have been executed for the treason.

When they sunk Jacinto they basically forced the locust out of their tunnels , which gave the lambency more room to grow freely and evolve. It was always a lose - lose battle because regardless of who won human / locust without a fix to the lambent problem they would have made it to the surface one way or the other in the end.


“What have you done” was probably recorded while he was in azura after the fact that lambency was already becoming a civil war problem. Where as he probably told them to sink the city before it was a huge problem and would spread. Idk. Remember there’s decades and decades between these recordings in the series. Like
The above user said, he could have been leaving messages for myrrah and it was just a snippet of a bigger message.

The correct action the cog should have done is respect the locust and help them as soon as they found out. But there was too many ■■■■■■■ in politics and not enough Adam Fenix’s. Once the COG insisted on keeping the locust a secret and not help them fight the growing Lambert problem, everytging from E-day and onwards was inevitable.

I really hope Gears 5 reflects on this and shows that the true bad guys were the lambert and the COG, the locust were sandwiches between two enemies. One directly attacking them because of the COG ripping the imulsion from sera, and two; the cog refusing the help the locust with the problem the cog created in the first place.

Well, actually. If we do find out in gears 5 the locust truly were created by the sires or by imulsion infected humans, all of this entire war is humans fault on the first place. The locust and the Lambent all started with the cog.

Imagine someone giving birth to twins . One is fine and they raise the other to be evil hell bent on destroying the other twin and simply ignoring it and looking the other way until it becomes too big of a problem to ignore. That’s the cog. They deserve everything that happened to them. Maybe that’s why Marcus seems so fatherly to Kait and willing to point her to nexus or mount (what) or the sire location. He knows after everytging Adam and Prescott told him in 3 and over 25 years that the locust had no choice but to attack.

The locust aren’t the bad guys!!!

And this is where the entire war begins. Instead of helping the locust directly, they delayed the inevitable. Unfortunately Adam payed the price of a disrupt government.

To be fair, Adam was the only one who knew of the Locust’ existence before Emergence. Not even Prescott was aware.

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Technically, that’s not true. The Lambent were a result of the parasitic nature of Imulsion, as it would settle in a body and eventually start causing genetic modifications, and then turning the cells Lambent. Though this is just an extreme oversimplification of the process of Imulsion turning a host into a Lambent creature, it should get the idea across that the Lambent are not a creation of the COG. They would have appeared on the planet at some point regardless - but it may not have been possible to have Lambent Locust had it not been for the experiments at the New Hope facility.

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But the government was aware no?

Not even them.

I’m gonna have to disagree strongly. The entire series is basically a statement on war and processing and mining and gas. The lambent were a result of the war and them ripping imulsion out of the planet and experimenting with it. Yes it’s parasitic but it wouldn’t really have been a problem if gears of war society wasn’t greedy and destroying their own planet with imulsion like we do with gas

That’s really one of the strongest statements I feel like this series has to say, is how we are dealing with resources and how it’s affevting (effecting ?) our planet.


Ok I think my point is that Adam was trying to help and knew even if he did tell the government they would have â– â– â– â– â– â–  up and picked the wrong course of action in any scenario.

Yes and no. Imulsion may not have reached the surface nearly as quickly if the humans had not used it as a fuel. I don’t know how the experiments correlate to Lambency in particular, however, other than that the Locust were nearly continually exposed to Imulsion due to where they lived, and the proximity to Imulsion was clearly affecting the Locust living closer to the bottom more - a collectible in Gears 2, a very basic drawn schematic made by a Locust, indicates that there would be some sort of attack coming from below. That collectible is part of Baird’s research.

But using it as a fuel in and on itself was not a mistake since the ones who knew about the effects prolonged exposure(genetic mutations, and symptoms leading up to them) to Imulsion could have did not know it was a sentient parasitic lifeform, and that it would eventually lead to the Lambent Pandemic. Only Adam knew it was a lifeform for some time until he revealed his research to the rest of the COG and while it’s not exactly clear when he discovers it, his research states that initially Imulsion did not seem to be a lifeform at all.

But remember - there were native creatures in the Hollow. They would eventually have turned Lambent and probably have come to the surface anyway, in search of new hosts for Lambency. Humans using Imulsion as a fuel, as well as the Lightmass Bomb and the New Hope experiments, was just a factor which accelerated the process, because it now had hosts on the surface and underground living in close proximity to it. I don’t recall everything from the research of Adam that is a collectible in Gears 3, but I believe it said that at some point Imulsion went through an accelerated evolution which was what made it so deadly, and that that was partially due to the things the humans did with it? I’m not sure any longer. Though we saw what it did to humans in Mercy and Char. And I don’t think you can really blame humans too much that they relied on Imulsion as a fuel because it quite simply was the best thing they had around. Sera doesn’t have much in the way of fossil fuels and I don’t think the COG had yet perfected the use of/technology for the renewable resources when Imulsion was discovered and since it initially didn’t seem to have too many adverse effects(besides lower fertility rates of people continually exposed to it), I don’t think they really invested into furthering those technologies until after the Locust War when it was needed. Not that it would have been a priority for the COG anyway, once the Locust started to invade the surface.

But it would eventually have come to the surface anyway and threatened to kill everything on the planet. Polyps for example are a former Hollow creature which I believe was called the Rockbeast before it became Lambent. It was effectively a spider-like creature. Just quite a bit bigger than a spider. Though I don’t think we ever see one in Gears 2.

It’s a read-between-the-lines sort of thing. Once Adam realized what flooding the Hollows would do to the Lambent (spread it further and faster), he also realized that sinking Jacinto was a terrible idea.

But it all worked out in the end. If the COG hadn’t sunk Jacinto, they would have been overrun by the Locust within days or weeks. And during those days or weeks they’d have been on the run through one of the coldest blizzards in Seran history, which barely affected the Locust. After that, the Locust would have been an even more overwhelming force when they inevitably found Azura. But the Locust still would have been crystallized by Adam’s Imulsion Countermeasure, or slowly overwhelmed by the Lambent as they waited for Adam to find another way.



I can’t really say what’s the correct action. All of 'em have consequences.

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