What was done to the controls ( og classic alt)

Like the title says.
Ive heard because so many people use defaulternate tht tc messed with the inputs

Well. I play og classic alt and im finding myself having to double tap X to keep moving
If not i just stand there. ( its not registering my input)
Ontop of tht. Im rolling a hellva lot more now because AGAIN. Im having to double tap X and anyone tht plays real classic alt. Knows you have to be precise with the button if not you will roll everywhere.
This was an issue maybe 5 or 6 months ago tht took a few weeks to fix. Its basically the same thing.
Plus ontop of tht.
Again. Why isnt this X ICON fixed on corners.
If anything. Its gotten ALOT WORSE.

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Gears being gears. I do classic alt with my slide mapped to lb, I don’t seem to have these issues, maybe try that.

Something definitely feels off.
Ive switched controllers twice and its the same thing

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Sorry bro that’s the worst

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Plus i use paddles. Elite series 2.
I wouldnt be able to switch even if i tried.
Took me forever to get used to paddles.

My LB is remapped to malee

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Same issue on my end play with og classic alt With back paddles as well
On pc not sure if it matters

So ,playin on pc
.your not have any issues with button inputs not registering?

I’m having that same issue I’m surprised to see someone post about it. It’s been a problem since launch. Also the reload button doesn’t register sometimes when I try to active my shots. There are times when I get completely blown away because my character walks into walls because the take cover button doesn’t work.

Oh noo

Ive found out if you press both the bumpers simultaneously, the reload wont input.

I honestly dont recall this ever being a thing until this game.

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No I’m saying I have the same issue as u

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