What usually happens when you

Play solo against a fully stacked team…

What’s even worse, is that the person in last place on my side was beating by the person above him who was AFK for the better part of the first round.

Also did the game decide to put me against diamond players because it knows I’m undercover? We wont ever know, because snitches end up in ditches.

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Its Dutchy! Always get excited when I recognise the tags.

That’s nothing. Was in a 5 man team today and even though we had only just got our placements in Escalation (3 Golds, a Silver, and a Bronze) we were put against a 5-man team consisting of all-diamonds, including 3 diamond masters. That’ some quality matchmaking for you. lol.
Being in a squad is not as easy as people like to think.

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My gold doesn’t represent my skill level. I can assure you, if you’re playing in a stacked team, its already easier. Obviously it depends on everyone’s skill level.

I’ve beat plenty of stacked teams before playing solo, but the main problem is, half of my team mates are just never good enough, go AFK or quit. I pretty much know within the first few mins if the game will be a loss or a win.


I’ve played alongside and against YuraGears and Le Turkish a few times !!

From what I can see - 3 guys had minimal caps and that’s normally where the problem is in KOTH.

People don’t always push the rings and instead waste time running around and dying …

Nearly every time I play KOTH, I’m the one breaking the hill and I have to plead with teammates to push the hill. They either want to lancer or get in 1v’s. That’s cute and all, but it doesn’t stop us from bleeding points and losing the game. Breaking is so easy after you throw smokes together. Such a basic principle that people don’t seem to understand.

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Yeah, people don’t rotate and spend all their time pushing for a 10-15 second ring and cap it for a few seconds while the other team have setup, got the next ring and already drained a lot of pints. By the time my team of randoms capture the ring - it’s got nothing left and the other team repeat the process …

It’s so hard to understand why people don’t go to the next ring with there’s like 10-15 seconds left on the previous one …

I seem to have pretty consistent matchmaking. The ranks are onyx to diamond. I seem to face harder people everytime i win

I’ve played against them an fair few times, its like there’s no other people in KOTH to play against.

The problem was, one person AFK for nearly a whole round, my team mates were not at the next ring when I was already there, none of my team mates were picking up power weapons enough. The list goes on, only reason I even bothered staying because of the quit penalties introduced, otherwise what’s the point in staying in a match like that.

I’m just wasting my time because an couple of players aren’t pulling their weight. In games like KOTH, it only takes one player to affect the outcome of the match.

I gave up telling people to do that, because people just report you for telling them how to help their gameplay and help win a match. I leave my mic out now.