What types of things have people found within the new update?

Title is pretty much the thread. I’m wondering what sorts of things TC put or potentially bugged out in this update.

I’ll start with this which I think is pretty noticeable and nice to have :

Flashbangs don’t just magically disappear out of your inventory when you use them up. Saying flashes as I have only noticed this occuring with those grenades as of yet(no, it did not happen after bag and tag on a meatshield). Will have to try it for others to be sure it wasn’t just a one off and this actually works. But it would be nice instead of having to be afraid of losing your grenade type of choice because they get removed from your ‘inventory’ so you wouldn’t even get a new one from an ammo box.


For the Versus Events medals tab, there is a medal for winning 50 rounds, but it was increasing for me this morning for just playing rounds, regardless of winning.

Same for the match wins in Versus Events. It just went up after each match.

Executions and headshots in Versus Events were also going up just for getting kills.

So, basically, they super-broke those Versus Events medals and made them much easier, but didn’t change their descriptions.

ALSO, they fixed the match wins for the Above and Beyond medal tab and I got my Smoke Skins this morning from winning a single match after previously showing 12/10 for that medal.


I’m sure this is a one-off thing. At least in Versus your grenade-type is gone when you throw the last one in your inventory.

Or added the last 2 medals for the event-tab. It’s fine, I’m sure they’ll be added once the delay for OP5 is announced. Just like during OP3.


Idk, I haven’t been able to play since updating around noon yesterday. There is no sound and no matter the mode I select, once it hits a loading screen to begin a game, it throws me to the title screen. Every time. My cache is cleared, no other xbox game is giving me an issue.