What true incentive is there to continue gears of war 4 in 2019 as a veteran player?

Now take this with a grain of salt as this is not meant to be a crap post but simply a discussion about the current state of gears of war 4 for veteran players like myself and others and hopefully offer some solutions and feedback to remedy the situation and offer thoughts and options about the subject in question.

So like most of use here, I am a huge fan of the franchise and absolutely love the gameplay of the franchise and play at least 1-3x a week if not more as it is always my go to game no matter what.

The problem is I find myself lacking any excitement or overall engagement with gears of war 4 as there seems to be nothing left to genuinely garner a reason to go back besides above stated.

I think a part of this is due to a combination of events as well as content within the game.

I feel that events have become extremely stagnant after multiple implmentations of the same ones for example we have had the same Halloween game mode for the past 2 years as well as Christmas / Thanksgiving game mode. With no new game modes being implemented for both ranked and special it’s starting to get pale and less appealing to other games coming out and I feel the coalition needs to address and remedy this going foward.

The other issue is new content. Realistically we should only expect variations at this stage and that is fine but from a gameplay perspective we only have the emerald/diamond gear challenges right now and to be honest the juice does not feel like it is worth the squeeze for either.

Maybe a better more enticing character such as a diamond marcus fenix would push veteran players to go for it but generic gear is not doing it for me. In regards to emerald gear, the challenge to unlock it just seems stale and I think more compounding objectives would be better then 9000 kills.

I have more I can say but I want to leave it at that and have others chime in on the discussion


I find that I can always develop better strategies, movement, accuracy, etc so for me, challenging myself and honing my skills keeps me motivated.

That said, I don’t grind a ton of hours anymore, I don’t let myself get frustrated like I used to, and I try to treat this like a game and only play when I’m in the mood to.


That’s very true, it’s always good practicing your gears craft I meant this post as more of what incentive to look foward to such as game modes and events provided to us from the studio aspect. That being said thats also why I still play :slight_smile:


That’s a good point, and why I stopped playing Horde, even though Horde was all I did for the first 6 months.
It got to the point that we were breezing through inconceivable and without any new maps, skins, enemies, etc the repetition became unbearable.


At OP you raise some very valid points. For me personally as a day 1 Gears player (I don’t like the term Vet outside of the military, but that is my Bete noire)
I play because it is Gears and that on a base level is all I need.

I’m not disagreeing and would love some new content but we know other than a skin or two that is not happening now.

The events have become very stale and I think linking both Griffin and Emerald to a stupidly high number of kills was not the greatest move.

Likewise the rinse repeat of Horde events have killed Horde for me in 4, and I was primarily a Horde player in 2,3 and survival in J.

If the content is good and varied I don’t think you need a reason to play. TC missed a trick when they did not add mutators and arcade modes. Also they should have kept the medal system from 3.

If you read any of my posts on here you will know I rate 3 head and shoulders over 4 and still play koth/horde/beast several times a week. I have “nothing” to gain from playing it, I’m Gold wings and have been for years, I have all unlocks etc, the reason I play is for pure enjoyment.

I really hope Gears 5 is a return to that.

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I don’t like French outside of France!



The game just got boring for me. I really wanted to get my fake wings 5 but stopped at wings 4-1/2. The packs are not good, the events as you said are the same year in and year out. Other games came out and I m entertained by them now.

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They really need to change up some of the rewards for Ranked, and how they’re delivered. Same goes for Horde. With the most recent Jingle Juvies event, most of the playerbase who will continue to play through 2019 already have all the Midnight Omen weapon skins, so that being the only reward for completing three games of Jingle Juvies is a bit of a let down.

For Versus it’d be nice to have different skins to play for besides Diamond, since those have been given out since Season 1 believe. Also with the Season characters, if they do another kill/down challenge I’ll lose it. The challenge should revolve around all of Versus, and should have different criteria for it to be completed.

This is just an example but it could be something like this:
Get 25 revives in any modes
Spot 1000 enemies
Win 75 ranked games.
Win 2 ranked games in a row.
Win 5 games where the opposing team does not win a round.
Score the MVP ribbon 5 times.

This is just an example, and certain challenges could be added, and numbers tweaked. I’d just struggle to play consistently if it’s another ‘Get x amount of kills/downs’ because we’ve had enough of them I feel.

EDIT: Also they need to stop putting out the practically the same event out in such a short period of time. We had ThanksGibbing and now Snowball Fight (two Boomshot events) and for Horde; Juvie Madness and Jingles Juvies. Sticking headbands on Juvies isn’t gonna make me want to play Horde if I just played Juvie Madness.


To be honest at this point it is (should) all be about making 5 THE greatest Gears and the true follow up to 3.


TC should rotate the events more regularly, I’ve wanted Gnasher Only KOTH to make a return for a long time.

Also, Core should now have Crossplay on, or even if it was a single mode like TDM or King, just to even get games.

I find the map selection a little stale and the weakest from any Gears game. 1 & 2 most definitely had the best maps and 3 did have some good ones too. 4 doesn’t have anywhere near enough exciting maps.

I think the Gear & Scion challenges were very good ideas but added too late to the game.

Also, I’m now one of the ones waiting for the newer Diamond 5 Emblem that was promised and never delivered.

Perhaps @EVIL_0NE @TC_Octus @anon86589457 can get us an update?

I like this thread. For me, Gears is and always was one of my main games. Played it since the first, and now I’m waiting for the 5th (not counting judgement). I think at this point, what is getting me back to the game is my will to practice, not loosing my touch and keep in shape until gears 5.

What is bothering me is that TC doesn’t seem to care about random players’ problems. Since season 3, I haven’t been able to play a single ranked game, whatever the game mode I tried. I once waited 1h for a match. Brought it up countless times to TC, no response, nothing changed.

I really love Gears, and I think my hopes for the next game has never been so high, given that gears 4 has let me down for so long. I’ll never give up, and I can’t help but think TC knows it and thinks “no problem, he’ll keep buying and playing anyway”.

I digressed a little, but in short, I continue Gears 4 because I love the game, and always will. So simple.

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Following up with this argument/opinion I agree… but i am asking these hard questions NOW for the sake of 5 what happens when 5 starts to repeat the same mistakes with events/ rewards? 5 being in development does not shield the fact there is clearly an event/reward problem until officially addressed

I don’t routinely play the game like a lot of folks on here so bare with me.

Is it an issue that the quality of the game’s support has diminished, slowed down, or both?

i said it before and i’ll say it again gears 5 needs to ditch ranking rewards and instead add a leader board and then have rewards for the top 1000,100,10 and the number 1 player that way people are constantly trying to get to the top and not just hit diamond and done like anyone can do now and in doing so actually GATE OTHER PEOPLE OFF FROM DIAMOND the ranking system just doesnt work in gears in my opinion and for horde we need some good progression like loadouts as well as skill cards like using the same weapon will level it up and give you less recoil/better accuracy or something and hitting max level with a weapon in horde should unlock something special for said gun and no NOT a skin an actual gameplay altering thing like for the lancer it can be something like revving the chainsaw cant be interrupted

i didnt even do the 6000 kill challenge because i was like “i dont have time for this i have other games i want to play” versus just isn’t stable enough to be fun for more than a few matches at this point and horde is just boring after you get max skill cards since you’re not playing TOWARDS anything or alternatively in vs when you point blank someone twice and they just turn around and gib you


I was playing horde for the next wings level (in part), but after this 2x XP forever garbage Gearsmas gift I feel the same about grinding for that as you regarding the 6000 kills. I think they better be more responsive to requests and wants in GOW5. Horde games seem to have become rare in the last week; likely due to disappointed customers.

To the Horde die-hards on here, I get the feeling you are all, (if not all then a lot of you) are playing purely to rank up ?

What I don’t understand is why not play the vastly superior Horde 2.0 ? for your fix.

It is better in every way , the most being enemy type. I just can’t understand how you guys can enjoy 3.0’s rosta.

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Just in part. I really like the game, otherwise I wouldn’t bother playing it or reading weekly post and the forums,

The game is a chore.

All you ever do is grind for credits, there’s no real in-game unlocks, which means people aren’t working toward something.

GoW2 and GoW3 had things for you to do and work toward. This game relies only on packs, which enforces a means of RNG,

Seriously, tired is the way to describe Gears of War 4.


Genuine question, is no one playing purely for enjoyment ? I’m not trying to be provocative

Even if we had unlocks, I would imagine most of us on here would have already have obtained them now.

I’m not for one minute saying the game is perfect, we all know it is not. But it would be churlish to not acknowledge that when it is behaving (ping,lag) it is still a brilliant and fun experience.

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