What to do when

you encounter a botter? seems to be more and more of them on a daily basis

i can’t quit or if i force quit then i get suspended

do i have to just deal with it and report ? it’s no fun

If you are certain it’s a cheater and have just faced them in a match, there’s the “dashboard” trick if you’re familiar… use your judgement there. Better yet, after the match, wait until you think they entered another match then try matchmaking again.

During a match, I recommend typing it in game chat if you’re certain. That way, his teammates will start to realize. My first encounter with one was a random on my team who we squadded up with. Didn’t know he was toggling until enemies posted it in chat. Then I grew suspicious.

Make clips and send them to TC. Supposedly that is supposed to get something done (though I’ve heard reports to the contrary).

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Record clips, Tweet to TC - best thing you can do.

Also, type it in chat so others can be aware and I’ve seen players maker sure that the cheater doesn’t get Sniper or Revived if it’s obvious.


now what if they down you across the map with a lancer in what seems like 5 shots

couldn’t even peek my head out

it was brutal

Just deal with it , that what most this commynity does , there are no place for quitters in gears , just record and send it TC .

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If it was just them using 5 shots “not seems like” with a Lancer that’s definitely cheating, it should take 11 or 12 shots to get someone down with one.

Just turn off crossplay lmao

i’m on pc lol