What to do next?

My friends. It so nice to say Hi to you again. :slight_smile:

Since right now most of us have completed the game, and we have played the same maps to the point of psychological BOREDOM and there’s even a thread on the subject of who’s the biggest legend, which I find it to the point plain insane… I ASK YOU GUYS.

WHAT ARE YOU GONNA PLAY NEXT ? … I find Gears 5 very boring, I don’t see the point of playing anymore, it feels I’m doing the same thing over and over again, completely pointless…

please Guys tell me what would you gonna do and what would you recommend me to do with my gaming life since Gears 5 as you most agree its boring.

Thanks I hope you all have a great day.



I am glad you asked Daniel.

Dragonquest 11 S…honey.


What will I play next? Three games, likely to be in this order…

Generation Zero.

The Light Keeps Us Safe.

Horizon Forbidden West, whenever that releases and providing I don’t have to get a PS5 for it. If not, there’s a… very slim chance Halo Infinite will be played, though not decided after Halo 5s bad story.

Although I may or may not play Gears 5 occasionally alongside.

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I’m playing and finishing Borderlands 3 DLC. Still on The Divison 2. Still need to play The Division 1. Um, need to finish Hellblade. Playing THPS 1+2 still. Pretty sure I missed something too.


I haven’t played it in over a week. Last game I played was Arkham Knight. It feels weird, carrying on in general life without that overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

But I’ll no doubt go back to it as we all do.

Gears is simply a drug we can’t seem to get away from, no matter how much we try and how much :poop: it throws at us…which is a significant amount capable of filling several skips.


Streets Of Rage 4 if you haven’t already played it.

Untitled Goose Game, which is great whimsical fun.

XCOM 2 if you like turn based strategy.

My Friend Pedro is a nice and simple platform shooter type.

And for all its flaws, Fallout 4 is still a decent game.


Also if you use a PC/laptop, then Papers Please is a very nice indie game. The premise seems mundane - you play as a border guard in fictional not-Berlin and check the papers of people crossing the border. It’s basically about trying to spot discrepencies and work out whose papers check out, and whose do not. It’s pretty addictive!

And Among Us is a game I’m interested in trying, which is a twee-looking online multiplayer game where you are on a space ship where there are humans and “imposters” - aliens disguised as humans. The crew is about 10 people. The human crew members have to work out who the Imposters are and complete tasks on the ship (repair things, refill fuel etc) while the Imposters have to secretly sabotage the ship and/or kill human crew members and remain undetected. The humans can’t fight back, but can call meetings and vote who they think the Imposter(s) is and throw them out the airlock. It’s a bit like John Carpenter’s The Thing.


@GhostofDelta2 thanks man I haven’t tried Dragon Quest , ill check it out
@Bleeding_Pepper yes of course Streets of Rage 4 its a cool game… have you tried battletoads ? its way better , you should tried it…
@AmicableWall421 thanks for the suggestions Ill check on those games I really need to find something new to play :slight_smile:
@GB6_Kazuya I have never tried a batman game but for you man Ill do that :slight_smile: after all you’re batman.

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I second that. Though I’ve done pretty much everything in that game except get into base/settlement building and playing through the story on higher difficulties, I spent quite a bit of time playing FO4 and having fun with it, encountering little to no bugs or anything alike… except accidentally running into a mini boss monster just as I start playing and asking myself what the hell one of those is doing so close to the starting point.

The Horizon isn’t out yet. I’d say it’ll be in a year or two when we can play that, but if you haven’t you should check out Horizon Zero Dawn, which is basically the prequel to that(I assume it is, anyway). HZD is available on both PS and PC, whether HFW will be on both at its launch is unclear.

As for the other two games, I’d say they’re acquired taste, but I’ve yet to play both so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

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Thanks @AmicableWall421 for the suggestions Ill definetely check those games out… the point its to learn to play something new and fun… since just imagine living a life just playing chess and Gears… I have to do something else with my life definetely my friend :slight_smile:

@Bleeding_Pepper I’ve just dowloaded the game of MY FRIEND PEDRO and my app says you have it also:

Arkham Knight is also good.

I figured i should mention it because otherwise you wouldn’t play it due to the person recommending it :wink:

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Exactly right @GhostofDelta2 I have always take account of what people who knows how to play Gears of War recommend me to play… that’s why the suggestions that were given here I really take them into account and I check those games out :slight_smile:

you’re right my friend.

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I would recommend The Turing Test. It’s sort of Portal-ish.


Sea of Thieves
Destiny 2
Halo Infinite

But if I’m lucky then I’ll just take my life back and finish on training, reading, building, and writing.

@jvergoth haven’t heard of that one before , I saw some gameplay and it looks interesting man.

@avaramis with the amount of games that is being released and the DLC from DOOM ETERNAL i don’t see a way to get our life back anytime soon man hahahahha :smiley:

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I’ve always been a one trick pony and I got a lot of good code written when I stopped playing Halo after they killed Cortana. So if they don’t bring back Anya then I think I’ve got a shot. @Hu1k_Daddy is tempting me with Sea of Thieves - but with that hopefully I can do it more to hang out with friends than for an obsessive compulsive identity forfeiture.

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The Division 2 – still in Washington
Ghost Recon: Wildlands – redoing the Campaign

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I was gonna point you to Halo 5 and then I thought better off it. What they did, it would’ve been better to just leave her gone.

I heard that it sucked.
It seems like Microsoft games lose their soul once they transfer from the creator to company with no history, knowledge or familiar talent.

Was Cortana in 5?

She’s the big Bad in Halo 5.

Also just to say, given Halo 5 came out in 2015, I don’t consider this to be a spoiler given that it’s been nearly 5 years! I mean, it wouldn’t be considered a spoiler if I said that Germany won the 2014 world cup, or Trump won the 2016 US election would it? :stuck_out_tongue: