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What to do next time,if this happens again?


I was just starting a horde match as a engineer when i get a message saying (don’t build stuff)only to find out it comes from another engineer on the team,what’s the point of being on a team if some jackass like this thinks he can just decide i’m the better engineer and order other engineers around.i’ve been playing horde since gears 2 i know how it works,how would you tell a low rent horde dictator to stick it if they told your class not to do there thing?

(The Sloth T34) #2

Quit the match and search for another match.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

Use a mic to communicate and negotiate with them? If there’s two Engineers then its easy to get muddled up with what to build and how to budget power and coordinate. I wouldn’t let another person dictate to me what I should and shouldn’t be doing though.

I suspect they just wanted to hog all the kills by being the one to build sentries and so on.

Alternatively don’t play public Horde and play with a group of friends or use LFG to put a team together? Its a much nicer experience.


I automatically quit if there are two Engies

(Bleeding Pepper) #5

Quitter! Always spoiling things for everyone else! Tie him up and throw him in the river like how we used to do to witches! :smiling_imp:


How dare you call me a witch! At least let me have a Monty Python witch trial!!

(not sure how many will get that reference)

(jvergoth) #7

Weigh against a duck? :duck: Fabulous idea! :joy:


There is still good in the world!!!

(jvergoth) #9

Only as long as we have ham and jam and Spam.:joy:



(PinkPhantomKait) #11

I quit if there are duplicate classes unless its two soldiers or two heavies


Eh, two Snipers can actually be pretty effective.

(vVv INinja) #13

Ideally you want:

One Scout - to pick up all of the power
One Engineer - to make all of the fortifications
One Sniper - just if you need to level the class up, you don’t want to as they aren’t that effective
One or Two Heavies - for boom shots
One or Two - Soldiers for all of the grenade plants

The engineers turrets do most of the work in any difficulty if I see 2 scouts/2 engineers/ 2 snipers i either leave or change class