What to do about jack*** players

I just got done playing a game of KOTH one of my teammates sat there the entire game and just shot his lancer up in the air until someone came and killed him and another teammate just didn’t play 75% of the game. I’m not very good but I’m really trying to improve and get to gold on KOTH but things like this keep happening and when you have two people not playing you get decimated. Is there anything to be done?


The only thing you can do is get some friends together and play as a bigger stack. This community has the lowest average IQ of any gaming community out there lol


Hmm, Overwatch is a pretty strong contender for that title, at least the forums.


“I’m gonna hunt for birds and butterflies!”

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It is a pain. Played 4 games of Hill yesterday. We were down on all 4 and lost all 4.
Fast forward to the next 3 games, full teams in all WITH some communication and spoting and we win all 3. Each of the 7 games were with randoms. I did befriend a female Gear on Hotel, we finished 1st and 2nd (Gold n onyx players mainly)

Lol! This might sound paranoid but it was almost like someone was helping the other team. Showing them where he was to get killed. Lol and thanks everyone. Glad I’m not the only one who has noticed this.


Anything short of this advice is going to result in continued frustration. When you play with a team you learn each other’s strengths and abilities so you use them to your advantage. You can’t count on a random teammate to help you much less stay in the match so you’re basically asking for a loss. I played with @API and some of his friends the other day and the moment we dominated the first 30 seconds to take the ring one of the enemy players quit. It’s quite ridiculous that someone would leave just because they got beat on the first ring but it happens more often than you’d believe.


If it’s ranked block/report. If it’s social, let it be…Even though you end up salty.

My best suggestion is to find persons than share the same objective and play with them.
Actually it’s really hard for me to find KOTH matches in my zone , but I can help a bit playing as support too and why not, some rushdown and of course going for the objective.
Add me and we can play some matches together (if you are in the Americas, because in EU is quite impossible for me with the lag).

GT: same as name

Thanks for the advice. You guys are all totally right, I just need to get more friends on here and play with them. Thanks Maru, will do! And yes I’m in America.


I know how you feel. I get that there are some inexperienced players, or players that prefer not to play too competitively… But thing is, I finally decided to try my chances keep playing KOTH in Season 5, and seeing if I could make it past GOLD Tier 3. I did. And then, and it felt almost to convenient as with always whenever I hit GOLD Tier 3, I started getting teamed up with players that won’t play the objective or even try. I unexpectedly reached ONYX Tier 1 for the first time ever, so thought I’d keep going because of the Season 5 Gear Challenge (which I’ve hit over 2000 kills/downs already).

I’ve actually quit matches before they ended. I’ve been with players that decide to hang back in the last few seconds just a few feet away from the Ring rather than try to break it. Players too oblivious to revive a player right next to them. Player/s that will just wait for a Power Weapon or Grenades the entire time… My ONYX Tier 1 rank literally hung by a thread for the last 2 days because I was quitting such matches, and I hate quitting. But it’s a little disheartening realizing that these kind of players can unintentionally cause your rank to drop. ohh, not to mention the classic idle players.

My last match tonight was top for EVERYBODY. Almost everybody broke 12,000. It was back and forth, and given the Season 5 Challenge, I can’t believe I landed total almost 100 kills (including the downs). And we won. Myself and another player on my team hit 20,000, although he beat me by a hundred or so. I love games like that, where it’s back and forth.

It’s also pretty irritating that when you lose 2 matches, your rank on ONYX drops a lot, but winning 5 and it moves just a touch. Will have to work hard to hit Tier 3. Hell, I’d love to hit Diamond, but that’s another dream. lmao! :smiley:


You are not the only one who face this. I faced this a lot and I think other dedicated players are also facing this, but due to these suckers we go down and loos interest.

in Koth my win score was higher than losses and all of sudden in a week of last season, i lost around 15 matches in a row as 2vs5, 3vs5 is not possible in gears until there is an exception or god bless us with some power to fight exceptionally.

It doesn’t happen only in Koth, it is in every mod.
There are lot of players who end up quitting by saying - “my team was not good.”, “everyone was trash in my team” and blah-blah.

You can’t get rid of such suckers, They are maintaining their rank to show to their next generation, and of-course they will not tell them that they maintained it by quitting many games.

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Me and my team were losing 39-179 in KOTH.

Won the round 180-179.

2nd starts and one guys immediately quits :joy:

Comes back mid-match but we win 2nd round easily 180-4.

Probably the best comeback I’ve had on Gears 4.

On avalanche too - no easy feat.


I’ve actually done something similar recently. It’s such a good feeling.

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Honestly we were so pumped and the swagger in 2nd round was so strong :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen some of AngryFPSGamer’s YT videos, I believe API plays with him usually and I can tell you right now, I wouldn’t blame the opposing team for quitting out within the first minute lol. Those guys goes in and locks down HARD. I wouldn’t know what to do goin in with a bunch of randoms against a team of D5’s. Get a bunch of friends who know what they’re doing (LFG) and play the way it’s supposed to be and you’d win more games than you’d lose.

I’ve noticed that with the dwindling playerbase on 4, you’re more likely to run into either a complete stack of randoms or a full good team. And with people getting frustrated and discouraged so easily, the matches are getting more and more lopsided. So unless you run with a good team, it gets less fun playing competitive as the game gets older. Just what I’ve noticed of lately, I could be wrong tho.


I wouldn’t doubt it because we had it locked down pretty well considering I’ve never played with @API before and we were learning how to play with each other. But it doesn’t matter you don’t quit. You may actually pick up something by staying that you’d miss out on if you left.

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Same thing happens and I continue playing keep getting the players who spin stand just move a little to stay in the game it’s very annoying and it’s set as a team to get diamond ranks aswell that’s why I was asking why not individually why can’t I get diamond myself why does it have to be a team I try getting a group together and still they quit or spin around shooting an just look at random things on the map and very annoying when the enemy team comes over an spins with me dragging on the game till close to the end of the match’s time


Damn that is awesome how much you’ve leveled up!!! I’m so damn close to gold but can’t quite get there lol. Is it all about wins or is it also your kill to death ratio and captures and other things?

Depends on the mode I guess.

I play KotH and tend to be the top [or near] in kills and captures for my team. This leads to a higher overall score and generally gives me a higher chance of moving up. The key is to do this against players that are above your current rank as it looks really good on you when you play well against those who are supposed to be better than you. Even in games you’re going to lose you can increase your rank behind the scenes even if the percentage doesn’t move up. I haven’t played in a few days but I’m at Diamond 2 and the ability to rank up has become more difficult but that’s how it works in that tier.

Just play and do what you can to win. You’ll break through at some point. Remember, you won’t go up from a loss but your behind the scenes numbers (skill) will still help you when you win your next match if you did well.

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Thanks, mate. :slight_smile: I didn’t even expect it. Match ended, left the playlist, and my Tier was updated to Onyx Tier 1. You’ll get there also. Everybody does if you play hard enough. I would love to hit Diamond Tier, but my biggest gripe when hitting such tier is NEVER getting the Gold or Onyx emblems. I mean, we keep getting rewarded with weapon skins, so I’d like to get the emblems also.

Believe me, when I was reaching the Promotional Threshold at the end of Gold Tier 3, I ended up in a match that clearly consisted of a lot of experienced Diamond players… By the Sovereigns, you could just tell not by the weapon skins and emblems, but the way they played. And the enemy team was an actual clan team also of 4 players, which made it worse for me. I think I had 1 top tier Diamond player on my team that I could tell. I won’t lie, I was getting dizzy (no pun) from their smooth wall-bouncing skills and flanking tactics, which also help me learn a little more myself. BUT surprisingly, I held my own with the help of good random team also. And I didn’t lag behind, although I was in the 1st round, but then I picked it up pretty fast towards the end of the 1st round. I think I probably had the 3rd highest score, or second in the match. I can’t remember. We won also, which was a bonus for me. I was basically forced to keep moving all the time, kept on my toes, watching, spotting. No breaks, no time for a breather. Full 3 rounds. I knew I had to keep up, and I think I did okay because I’m by no means a top tier player whatsoever. And I liked that it didn’t feel one-sided at all. Those types of matches I hate, even if it’s my team winning.

So if I can suddenly reach Onyx, so can yourself. :slight_smile: Keep in mind that spotting and flanking are some of the ways to help your team. I remember seeing a newly spawned enemy player literally following one of my players on Checkout, running to guard the ring that we were holding. I spotted, my player immediately spins round and BOOM! That said, my player might’ve realized an opponent was following. Even an experienced team can forget to watch ALL directions, so a sudden flank can catch them off-guard unless you’re unlucky. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes, another player is watching, or once you’ve flanked them, your in-your-face-point-blank shots do but two things: jack and ■■■■. Which pisses me off. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyway! Good luck. :wink: