What the point in winning?

With the current ranking system what is the point of winning? You should never, EVER get negative 500 points for winning with mvp, double the points of anyone else in the lobby, and 2.0 k/d.
Why is this game and it’s ranking system so messed up?

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I think they want it to be messed up so people obsessively grind to a high rank…if they didnt want it broken they would fix it as far as im concerned

Is this in 2v2? I havent seen that happen in other modes.

The tier system is atrocious, however TC sees no problem in it… somehow. Earlier I went 28-4, 16 downs with 2 revives, survived as leader twice and carried my team to a 3-2 victory. Also MVP.


I’ve given up on trying to get Masters, because unless you roll with a stack and can win every game without a round lost, you’re ■■■■■■. That’s my experience anyway

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I mean i definitely liked the ranking system in Gears 4 better, but if you grind it out you eventually end up where you belong. Because the game actually calculates your trajectory. You can tell based on how much points you gain in wins.

In that particular case your team might have been projected to win 3-0.

I derive deep personal satisfaction from winning…ie…I like beating other people in video games. It’s fun. Your actual issue is the ranking system which is flawed. Play and pay no attention to what a flawed system says.

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Or they dont know how to fix it.

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I’ve come to expect better threads from you…such a let-dow-
oops…sorry OP…mistaken identity

It’s not whether you win or lose, but how much iron you spend on your skins while playing the game.

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Frankly I don’t care if my team was or wasn’t projected to win 3-0. 28-5, surviving as leader twice with over 15 kills during that span, mvp and a victory is NOT a scoreline that should be penalized. It’s an absolute joke if I’m being h

This is why I believe there be should an added point system for the overall game as opposed to round-by-round, because one bad round can completely negate an overall great match. That’s exactly what happened in my situation.

I dont have a problem with the ranking system. For me its the hit detection that has me about done with this game.

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did someone leave the game? were you in a stacked? those things come into play

i personally enjoy this ranking system more than 4

in 4, people were undeservedly in diamond 5…those same people cant touch even diamond in this game lol

i never had a problem getting to masters at any point in gears 5.

it is brutal and extremely harsh but that is the way i like it

the only real problem is the compensation for quitters and such