What the **** is wrong with the ranked system

I get MVP in all my placement matches but lose 3 of the 5 games and im in Bronze 1??? Seriously??? Please note I was up in the 20s for elims all those games solid kd minimal deaths and im in bronze ?? In Gears 4 theyd give me gold 2 or 3 for the performance ranked is a joke!!! And needless to say of course my games my teams are ■■■ yet the other is a full 5 stack of clan losers at least gold level play im at least onyx level as all my Gears 4 placements were onyx and my team is at least bronze level do they not care about ranked at all? Worse ranking system than back in Gears 2 when your level would be between 1 and 4 ribbons who remembers that ■■■■?