What the hell with all the quiting

Okay so I finished a game that left me rubbing my head for no reason other then I called it.

I saw my team mates leave one by one when we lost one round barring one guy, (so that person, respect for not just sticking it out [ wouldn’t have blamed you if you left after a triple quit ] but for not leaving me alone with the other team, much respect.)

I even made a post about doing something about the quitters / willing discontents in the beta and people kind of laughed it off, and seeing how people get forced out now. ouch, just ouch.

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Today was brutal for me with the Quitters also. I pretty much only play Koth for Xp. Played alot and 9x out of 10 had a quitter. Just a bad day that’s all. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I see posts like this very frequent. Is one of the reasons due to people wanting to keep a high k/d?

We have so many (too mamy?) threads about this subject. It certainly is bad, I have tried to come to terms with it.
I have mentioned before that if I get a team (team mate, that is a laugh in its self) mate quit, I will quit. I play KOTH almost exclusively and I just can’t be bothered not only fighting the awful matchmaking on an almost game by game basis but then going 5 v 4 or even worse.

I have game chat on and I do apologise via that, I will never quit first but I just can’t be doing with all this shitte.

I did get a message a few days ago after I quit…AFTER a team mate quit. It simply said “reported” I answered why ? I didn’t quit first and if he wanted to stick around, good for him. I’m “allowed” to do this on Gears and I would rather find a new match.

Bare in mind usually I am the only one talking, spotting, call outs ect. Even then I will get a team mate on occasion telling me to shut up…you can’t win. :hushed:

With all that said, last played on Monday afternoon. 5 x KOTH, 5 victories (I mostly was carried) with NO quitters, it was rather lovely :+1::facepunch:


I only quit out if I had a team mate quit, but I can’t stand a quitter. They are literally the worst.

This happens in a lot of games but is particularly bad in F2P and Gamepass games because of the amount of casual/non-committed players. The only way to stamp it out is harsh quit penalties but the devs are often scared of that as it means they’re turning away customers.