What the hell is up with boomshot!

Shot will literally hit the ankles of ther person your shooting at and they will stumble and thats it.

Your literally likely too kill yourself and make them stumble its annoying.

Gears 5 tuning i feel just recently got tampered with again.

They nerfed the boomshot pretty bad. Its still a fairly easy, braindead, annoying piece of equipment to dodge though even without actives. My suggestion for almost all power weapons is to have actives If you want them to perform remotely well as a good chunk of them got nerfed.

  • Active Tbow fires faster
  • Active Longshot is stronger/more magnetism
  • Active Boom is stronger/larger radius
  • Active Drop is stronger/larger radius
    they all get stronger with actives tbh


but yeah the boom got nerfed bad. You literally need to have It active If you aren’t firing directly at someones feet. And no, firing 2m away from someones feet non-active isn’t enough anymore, you WILL waste a boom doing this. Be more precise or use actives. The weapon fires like a wet noddle now.

Edit/side note

I also think its funny that so many people don’t know how to use a dropshot. Anyone remotely good at PvP or PvE can use the weapon so flawlessly but majority players pick that thing up and have no idea what they’re doing lmao

Actives obviously work better.

But regardless, this is easily the worst variant of the Boomshot we’ve ever seen. I mean that in every aspect.

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Morning mate, see also G5 scorcher. Gears3 version pi**es all over it… Was that ever in doubt.
Locust Forever

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You mean you don’t like killing yourself on accident with the Scorcher’s active rounds?


Never. There isn’t a single thing Gears 3 doesn’t trrriumph over Gears 5 with :joy:.

Gears 5 doesnt shake uncontrollably and give me motion sickness :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Gears 3 cannot be blamed for your personal weaknesses!


Getgud :grinning::+1:

All other middle line power weapons are better, in Gears 5. Just go for Torque Bow, it is an absolute baby weapon in this game. Or the Scorcher, alot of people sleep on the Scorcher but that gun is busted.

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I’d say Gears 5’s horde is better due to the fact that I can melee enemies on the hardest difficulty and still be able to survive. I do love the insta gib mutator in Gears 3, but sitting in one place waiting for enemies to kill on insane can be boring after awhile.

Overall gameplay: Gears 5

Enemy variety: Gears 3

Only talking about horde of course. Versus is far superior in Gears 3 despite its laggy bs sometimes.

There is something Gears 5 has that Gears 3 doesn’t have though :wink:


I know why Kaz feels that way.

Gears 3? Myrrah is alive for most of it

Gears 5? She’s dead


Active scorcher is a godly weapon, but most people don’t know that because they avoid it most of the time lol. Oh well, free scorcher for me.

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Ah, I see. So Gears 5 reigns supreme in that regard because it’s easier and requires less effort!

Your generation is so lazy! Hmph!

See, that’s better.

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Ah, the old classic.

Wrong. Her body is dead.

You absolute -insert friendly profanity-.

Something we can agree on.


Undoubtedly the worst part about gears 3 is Dom dying but the screen shake is pretty bad too.

Not on Boss Rush.
I constantly see people running around with the Scorcher ( Brawlers and Strikers).

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I feel disgusted just reading this.

I do not condone such actions.