What the hell is even that

Specifically 2:19 in the video.

I think I would rather wake up every morning of my life and be kicked in the balls by a camel than see this emote be used even once in the game. The last time I was this disgusted was when my friend who is no longer a friend attempted to create a Facebook account for me. Who ever came up with this emote needs to have their nostril hairs plucked out at an unpredictable rate by a parrot. Why is my man Marcus throwing his legs up in the air like he’s a showgirl from the 1920s, what is this foul amalgamation of combined bodily movements that I have been unfortunate enough to witness that makes my eyes feel like they’ve just been dumped in Imulsion.

But in all seriousness, when was this added to the game? I’ve been out of the Gears loop for well over a year now but I feel like I would remember something this daft being added. I’ve searched the forums and can’t find a thread on it and I know The Coalition have finished updating the game in terms of content and have been for a while now so can anybody fill me in when this was added because I do not remember the “Can Can” emote being a thing.


I got a kick of that. Thank you.


I don’t remember seeing that emote. :smile:

It says “the coalition” underneath it, that’s why you haven’t seen it. Guessing it’s TC employees only :3


Guess you’re right
Just went and checked all my emotes and I don’t have a single one that says “The Coalition”

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In the Emote description it says “Coalition” meaning it was exclusive to devs to use. Probably an inside joke.

I mean, It could be Baird, or Cole. Or Raam too. Honestly after they announced Emotes I was expecting it to be a lot worse, this sin’t so bad.

Remember Gears 3 had a giant golden fire-breathing chicken.