What the heck happened with the update?

(DARKNESS586) #1

I’m not sure about you guys but the coalition have gone too far. They updated the game today and now I can’t even start the game. As soon as I attempt to boot it up it crashes. If not then it crashes while I’m looking for a match. I’m pretty much locked out of the game. I can’t do anything. And now I’m seeing threads about connection issues which just adds fuel to the fire. This is a complete joke of an update. They’re so concerned wit catering to esports that they can’t even fix the mess they made since day 1. And now they wanna push gears 5 at us? They couldn’t even get gears 4 right. Sorry for the rant but this is not cool.

(WarmCoast6521) #2

If you play on xbox one, i think a possible solution is to reinstall the game

(DARKNESS586) #3

I already did. Unfortunately it’s still happening. I’m not sure what is going on.

(SaSuKe One) #4

SMH, my friends struggles as well with the same thing. Im afraid of dl the update now.
Reinstall eh?
Ai ai ai ai ai!,im must have reinstalled this game like twenty times,since gow4 came out,and the annoyance of 100gb dont help.

(chaaze) #5

THAT’s the word!

(Krylon Blue) #6

Pretty much. I’m just fortunate that a 100GB download wouldn’t take more than 2 hours, lol. I feel bad for those that say it would take them days or more.

(SaSuKe One) #7

I know,i was one of them that had too wait 2 and a half days,to dl 100gb.
Im happy it takes 6hours to dl that amount now,after i uppgraded.
But i feel bad for those with low speed internett.

(SuperStevie09) #8

for me when a game needs a complete re install it usually means uninstall. other games waiting in line to be played.

(SgtSagan1) #9

Damn I’m almost agree to buy xbox , But now i see its not the solution. Shame for devs

(Ektope) #10

No problem for me.
Is this only for Versus?

(DownInFlames85) #11

I had a brief moment after the update where my overall rank (Re-Up 11, Lvl 79) was reset to level 1. Had to reload the game. Nothing else so far.