What... The Absolute Hell EP1: Old Anya

So… I’ve been playing some of the old Gears games, and I just wanna say… What the hell.
I never looked on this when I was little, because I felt it just didn’t matter, but now I look back at it… And just wonder why.

I’m talking about Anya, and I swear- I’m very happy they changed what she looked like because WHAT THE FU-

If you want me to be honest, it looks like Epic slapped a kids face on her.

I just can’t, it’s hilarious and creepy at the same time.

Hope you liked the first episode of “What… The Absolute Hell”. If you enjoyed it, please tell me because I like to get feedback on my work! Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see your comments in the next one!

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Odd realizations


Very odd.


Ya, I don’t even…what?

Old gen anya

At least it’s not just me who thinks Gears 3 Anya looks horrendous compared to her face/hair(this one in particular) in 1-2.


Gears 2’s Version of Anya is personally my favorite.